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    Matt Malice - Royler Black Belt ?

    Let me preface this with... I've searched for this topic on BS to hear the bullies opinions, but (to my surprise) I cant find anything that has been posted here yet ?

    This topic has been going on for over 10 days now on the UG and It has been suggested a couple of times they bring this info to Bullshido. By now though it has probably gotten too ugly for you guys to get involved with an official investigation, but I'm guessing its something some of you might still be interested in.

    Thread link: Does this look like a Royler Black Belt to you?


    YouTube - Matt "Wild Child" Malice Tribute Video...ADCC STYLE SON!

    Orginal YT account was deleted...this video has been re-upped by a UG member who cached the Original vid (and added soundtrack). Otherwise footage is same a orginal

    Matt "Wildchild" Malice

    Matt "Wildchild" Malice is the sole owner and operator of Reckoning MMA; he has many accolades in the world of martial arts. On the business side of Reckoning MMA Mathew graduated the Y.E.P. school of business with honours. His studies have taught him all the working of business including how to manage money, look for clients and marketing opportunities as well as the general day to day running of a self reliant business.
    Matt started his martial arts journey with Free Style Wrestling joining the team at the age of 9. He took to the sport quickly and turned it into a life long passion for the martial arts he went on to capture Free Style Olympic Wrestling titles in his weight class in grades 9 & 10. He also changed styles and captured a Greco Roman Wrestling title in grade 11, he holds the record for the best win loss record for a single season scoring a stunning 154 Wins with 6 Loses in his Grade 10 year, a record that still stands today.

    Matt dabbled in Karate at the age of 10 but found the memorizing of kata and the sever limiting of offensive ability didn’t suit his personal liking and chose not to advance past his Jr. Yellow Belt.

    Shortly after turning 13 Matt flew to Bangkok Thailand to train in Muay Thai kick boxing during his summer away from school. His time in Thailand was spent practicing and studying the world’s most famed striking art. Matt found a great liking of the “science of eight limbs” when he discovered he could use not only your hands and feet but your knees, elbows and even your head! He was awarded his Orange Singlet before leaving the country.

    In 2000 at the age of 14 Matt returned to his wrestling roots and was the youngest person ever to try for the Canadian Olympic Wrestling Team for the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney Australia. He arrived only to be told he was too young to compete for the team but was permitted to stay and wrestle against Canada’s top wrestlers including Daniel Igali who went on to win a gold metal in free style wrestling that year and a few years later be inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall Of Fame. Matt spent most of the time wrestling on the defensive due to the overwhelming difference of skill and experience of the older wrestlers but Matt learned a great deal from his experience.

    In his 15th year Matt once again left Canada to train in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu in the country of its origin. Matt spent the summer training in Brasilia Brail. He earned up to his orange belt in Brasilia before moving to the USA to train at Chancery Martial Arts. Matt continued to study BJJ in Canada Matt achieved his black belt for BJJ in 2008.

    In May Matt flew to Vegas to tryout for a full time spot for the IFC, Matt fought hard winning 5 fights beating fighters from Americas Top Team (2nd Rd submission), Team Punishment (1st Rd TKO) and The H.I.T. Squad (3rd Rd Submission) . In Matt’s quarter final fight he was caught in a tight armbar and refused to tapout in the last round. Matt punished his opponent while still in the hold with kicks to the shoulder scoring more and more points and in the end winning by the Judges score cards, however Matt’s arm was injured and he was forced to withdraw under doctors orders.

    Matt currently continues his martial arts by training on and off with Royler Gracie in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, he still trains for wrestling at Figure 4 Wrestling University with Jeff White & Aaron Schlosser in 2008 Matt started to add some American Boxing to strengthen his stand up he is being coached by Les Alfred former British Armed Forces Champion.

    Matt has trained with many of the greatest practitioners of the martial arts:
    • Tito Ortiz (Too Months)
    • BJ Penn (Too 4 Hour MMA Seminars)
    • Les Alfred (Boxing Coach; Currently)
    • Royler Gracie (Too Months; Currently)
    Mathews Martial Arts Accomplishments:
    • Professional MMA Record 9 Wins – 1 Loss – 1 Draw
    • 1st Degree Black Belt Brazilian Ju-Jitsu
    • Orange Singlet Muay Thai kickboxing
    • Jr. Yellow Belt Japanese Karate (this later changes to Yellow belt in 10th Planet BJJ on his other profiles)
    • 2 time high school Olympic freestyle wrestling champion
    • 1 time high school Greco-Roman wrestling champion
    • Trained for boxing under Armed Forces Light-Heavyweight Champion Les Alfred
    • Placed 1st in Lightweight class of 2008 Mixed Martial Arts Invitational Tournament
    • Invited to the International Fighting Championship tryouts April 26th 2008

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    Someone who could be him is also claiming to be the 2004 xarm champion. Check the comments.

    I forgot to post the link

    YouTube - RipeTV - XARM Boot Champ - Boot Camp Promo
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    no results in sherdog for matt, mathew, or matthew malice. Google searches of his name only bring up threads on various (and numerous) forums stating he is a fraud. Same thing when you google his name with wrestling, bjj, canada, or any combination of the three.

    The funny thing is that if you google me, two of the first things that come up are my competitions in MMA and in high school wrestling. the records are by no means stunning or complete, but they are there. I never competed above a regional level. If this guy competed and was a "# 2 time high school Olympic freestyle wrestling champion
    # 1 time high school Greco-Roman wrestling champion" these would show up somewhere, as would his time with canada's olympic team

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    His response from page 15 of the UG thread

    MMAGUY30 - Matt, I know you are online right now reading all of this, and I want to help you, I want you to go to mixedmartialarts dot com and creat an acount, use your name (mattmalice) and go to the thread titled "does this look like a royler Black belt to you?" once there, please explain yourself, dont be a coward, if your explanation is honest and sincere, you will gain the respect of the entire community, but dont just hide. the guys in the underground ( ARE mma, and many of the fighters you call your heros post there, right now they all hate you because of what looks to be lies.... come on out and at least act like a man and answer for your claims....

    MATT MALICE - I am sorry for what has come up on the youtube videos I am a Pro-Wrestler (like the WWE) making a debut with a MMA gimmick I did not think about saying says tieing my to a gym I will remove them and I am turly sorry for the mishap, the "school" is a pro-wrestling and school and is just a made up place for the gimmick fighters who come looking for training are sent to Warrior MMA or Reality Combat & Fitness
    Obvious BS

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    My BJJ instructor told me about this guy and remarked about how Malice, in many of his videos, presented his back to his opponent quite foolishly while rolling with them, which even the yellow belt kids at our club know not to do. I heard that a large community of BJJ instructors contacted this guy and told him that if he didn't stop calling himself a BJJ practicioner of any rank above white belt they would visit him and beat the crap out of him. I also heard that Royler personally denied even knowing this guy.

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    I didnt want to post too much info to start off with, as I was unsure if this was being done in another thread (that I had missed).

    I know its a long read, so I'll try and get some of the more important stuff and put together a basic summary.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rask
    I also heard that Royler personally denied even knowing this guy.
    yes mate your right,

    Royler's Team was contacted early on (page 8) and they issued a statement pretty fast :


    From Royler Gracie, David Adiv and Chris Robinson;

    "Attention all members of the underground forum, In response to the comments and claims made by one Matt Malice. Royler Gracie David Adiv and Chris Robinson,Director of RGDA Canada would like to make clear that this individual has never and will never be a student on the RGDA Worldwide team.As you can all see from the videos posted by this individual he has no skill or understanding of any martial arts whatsoever, nonetheless he has never received any rank under the Royler Gracie-David Adiv association, never mind a Black Belt. It is unfortunate that in todays day and age so many people can purchase, pretend and claim to know Gracie Jiu Jitsu and therefore think that they are fighters, competitors or practitioners of any sort.For any information regarding legitimate RGDA Teammates or instructors, always visit or

    Sincerely Chris Robinson
    on behalf of Royler Gracie and David Adiv"

    Thank you,
    Jason Figliano-RGDA Bolton

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    Due to the fact that most of the MABS stuff happens before page 30, I have only gone that far at this stage.

    After page 30 it gets a little derailed for a while, but there are some still some very funny events that take place in that part of the thread too.

    Anyway..Pages 1-30


    Page 1
    - Video is posted on forum by user: Damnedifyoudo
    - Matt "Wildchild" Malice's impressive (9-1-1) MMA fight record is found at:

    Page 3
    - Some Comments from Youtube a posted in the forum for posterity

    Page 4
    - Facebook and Reckoning MMA websites found (both have since been closed)
    - Website Screenshots posted to UG

    Page 5
    - Gyms Details and contact info found

    Page 6
    - UG member VICMARY calls the Gym and speaks to Matt himself:

    "Holly **** guys i just talked to this dumb ****!!! I called the number to the gym that is connected to his and he is there right now!! Tel:905.775.8760 I asked him how much classes are he told me 100 dollars a month for everything!! i asked do i need a gi he says no its ADCC stylr LMAO u cant make this **** up!! Then i asked what belt he is and he confirmed he is a first degree RGBB i am not shitting u!! At this point i am tring no to scream at him untl he confirms he is a NCAA D1 champ thats when i lost it!!!! "
    Page 8
    - Royler response posted (above in earlier post)

    Page 9
    - The upcoming fight he has listed on his profiles is exposed, when it is discovered a rodeo is scheduled in the Arena the night he claims to be fighting

    Page 14
    - YouTube account closed / Matts other profiles/pages start to follow shortly after

    Page 15
    - Matt finally responds via facebook to mmaguy30 (posted above by snowman) claiming he is a simply a Pro Wrestler with MMA gimmick.
    - UG is not satisfied with explanation after the phone conversation* the day before with VICMARY (*see page 6)
    - ppl start sending out the thread link to his Facebook friends.

    Page 20
    - His personal email is found - which leads to more searches
    - Another (cached) website profile is found with his full bio (shown in the original post here)

    Page 24
    - UG member 'moonrunrs' contacts his alleged Muay Boran Coach "Kru Tony" who responds

    I see Matt Malice has said on his site that I've taught him Muay Boran in Thailand ?

    Has you know I live in England. I can say I do not remember teaching Muay Boran to anybody from Canada when I've been in Thailand.

    Has you may know I go to Thailand every year and I have been training in Thailand over 22 years and I've taught many people at Buddhai Swan, if it was a long time ago I may have taught some Muay Boran, to some students but not more then a day.

    Thank you for letting me know about this. I know some teachers here have said I've taught them Muay Boran too, but when I look at their Name they have only been on one of my 2 hour seminars !!!!!That's Martial Arts !!!!

    Page 26
    - UG member 'Triangles' uploads his cached version of the original videos and all the late comers (including myself) get to see the vids (original post)

    Pages 27-29
    - Some additional YouTube accounts of Matts friends appear with more backyard wresting and two new players are introduced: 'Tuna' and 'AlterBoy'.
    - Matts friends attempt to come to his defence via Youtube comments
    - YT Comments are again re-posted on UG forum for prosperity

    Page 30
    - Fuzzy requests a video blog from Matt with an apology to Royler etc + a stipulation he must include a (UG modified) "hows taste my pee pee" reference.

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    There are some very competent Royler BBs within a hour car ride.

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    He certainly seems to have mastered the sloppy, head outside single leg takedown.
    With takedowns that bad, he must do BJJ.

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    No investigation needed on this one. The video alone is evidence enough of his level of training and the story reeks of BS. In addition, the reaming he received from his supposed teachers is quite hilarious and sad at the same time.

    If your a pro wrestler with an MMA gimmick, then perhaps you should learn some proper freaking techniques and make sure not to try to BS the community! Kid should stop whatever it is he is doing and go back to school

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