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    Kesting has some good ****.

    I used it until people adapated to it. I've been going to trapping an arm with one of my hooks though due to the nature of some of the no-neck knuckle-dragging gorillas I roll with. I also do the windpipe gable grip one Fedor finished Sylvia with as an entry technique and shoot the opposite arm through for the finish. Which is pretty similar to Kesting's punch through tightening up sequence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalRage
    I like doing this too. As soon as I push down his arm with the underhook hand, I slide my hook over it, and then cross my ankles a la BJ Penn (when you have an arm trapped is the only time you can cross your ankles in a backmount). Takes a little bit of flexibility - basically the better you can do a butterfly stretch, the nicer your body lock will be.

    This position is great because you can either work a gi choke or RNC with him only defending with one arm, or if he starts to slide out, transition to the triangle from the back (in which case you have kimura/armbar options as well).
    Yeah, once I get their arm trapped with my hook it's generally over; it can be quite a battle though, if the other guy knows what you're up to.

    I really like that Kesting video, it's given me a lot of things to try out.

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