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    Rupture Fight shorts and rashguards

    The Fight Shorts:
    The easiest way to describe these shorts are to compare them to the same quality shorts. Those of you who have tried the new Sprawl shorts (grip flex series) with the stretch gusset will know the style in which I am talking about. These are specifically designed for MMA in my opinion. As a kicker I loved these shorts. They gave me the same range and freedom as my muay thai shorts as well as the fit of my board shorts which I normally wear while grappling.

    The nice thing about these are that they are a true fit. I wear a 34 in pants but usually go up to give my legs room to move. I was able to wear the 34 shorts and still be able to kick high. There's also a nice pocket to put your mouthpiece or Ipod, which is very well hidden to make sure things do not get caught during work outs. To top it all off, the shorts are very inexpensive. The quality of these shorts is easily comparable with that of the higher end Tap out shorts and Sprawl shorts, yet these are less expensive.

    The Rashguard:

    I so wish these came in other colors. The material on these is extra thick and forming. Compared to under armor I would rate these about 2 levels above their basic rashguard. Same quality as a surfing rashguard. Previously, I have only seen this level of quality in rashguards that are $15 more expensive. The length of these are nice as well and fit my taller athletes without rolling up.

    Label Design:
    I found it comical in an another thread where people didn't like the name or design of the label. I bounced this label off a friend who won't wear certain brands because he hates the labels. (Combat Sport and Revgear). He absolutely loved it. The women at the gym loved it and I showed the clothes to two other fight gyms and they loved it as well.

    Coffeefan is also accessing his clothes. He's sick right now but should be by to give you his opinions too.

    (Please let me know of any typos. My editor did not get a chance to see this report).
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    Thanks for the review! I'm glad they lived up to the expectations. I will be ordering.

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    Sorry this is so late, I have been quite distracted with things and just haven't had time to write out a proper review yet. Overall, I find both the rash guards and shorts to be top notch quality (at least compared to the Sprawl or Tapout brands.

    The shorts are true fit, which I generally don't like as much as the elastic waist but are of good material and nicely stitched. The hidden pocket is a nice touch and is a perfect size for a mouthpiece. The rash guard is MUCH better then your typical Under Armor brand. Nice material and just seems to be better quality then what you get elsewhere. Being made in the USA is also real nice to see now a days.

    For the price I most definitely recommend them.

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    Nice review. I actually love the designs for these on the website. No flaming, bleeding skulls or any of that garbage (no offense to people who like that kind of stuff. I just plain hate it)

    How are the shorts with dealing with sweat? I hate shorts that start sticking to your legs the moment you get your sweat on. It just feels... awkward...

    I'll definitely be checking Rupture out. They look promising.

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    Check out their front page now, they advertise your review on there.

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    How long are the shorts? I have really long legs and I like **** to hit me at the knee.

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    I have a 32 " inseam and they go down to my knees.

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    HMMM......"Site Upgrades" have not made it to Omega's thread yet I guess. So here are my scores:

    Durability: 9 (time will tell)
    Flexibility/Mobility: 10
    Ease of Use: 10
    Material/Production Quality: 10
    Protection: 10 (i.e., I'm not naked)


    I have been conversing with Nick quite a lot over the past month.

    FYI - He and his company are the real deal. He sent me a HUGE care package full of Rash Guards, T-Shirts, and Shorts to hand out to the fighters in my gym and to ATT proper. Both myself and a number of ATT-Orlando's fighters have run the Rash Guards and Shorts through the training ringer and beat the **** out of them, over, and over, and over again.

    I sent Nick a PM regarding my opinion on his gear. I'm just gonna cut and paste that here for everyone else to look at.

    The rash guards are very comfortable and actually "wic" away the sweat better than the UA or Sprawl rash guards I own. The shorts are VERY high quality and constructed as well or better than the current Sprawl shorts I own.

    The guys who have trained in the gear have said the same thing, unanimously, the Shorts and Rash Guards are bad ass.

    Hell, I'm going to train no-gi today and I'm actually disappointed that my Rupture shorts are in the damn wash and I forced to wear the Sinister my honest opinion, do not compare.

    My Sinister shorts = Last year's Salvation Army overstock.

    My Rupture shorts = A brand new Bugatti and a trip to the Autobahn.

    Keep up the good, quality, work Nick.

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    i recently got a pair of rupture shorts as well, and as promised, here is my review.

    first off, nick was great to deal with and is really attentive to the needs of fighters. it's clear that he is a fighter himself, in both the design of the products, and the way he deals with his customers. more importantly he is a nice guy, with a good business ethic.

    the shorts:

    the first thing i noticed about the shorts was the quality of the fabric and stitching. these things are not going to fall apart. my wife, who worked for a clothing company a few years back, looked at them and said "wow, these are well made, and really nice fabric." then came the proof that she was really impressed, she didn't give me a hard time for buying new shorts!

    so, they passed the first test, because they are a great value and well made, your wife won't get mad at you for buying from rupture. well, not if she's as cool as my wife anyway.

    next came the usage test. as everyone else has said, they are really well designed, you can kick high with no problems, and they are comfortable on the ground as well.

    overall: by far the best shorts that i have owned. for the record, i own the original sprawl shorts, atama gi shorts, fairtex and twins muay thai shorts, and the original bullshido shorts made by intynse fightwear (which were the only ones i still liked to wear, all the other ones suck for one reason or another.)
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    I must agree with all of you guys, when it comes to mma clothing Rupture clothing really put togther a very nice package! Quality, Price, attention to detail and best of all customer service.

    Ive been competitive in BJJ for the last six yeas and tried all the mma clothing lines that are out there (well almost all! :) Tapout, Warrior, Sinster, Truth, Affliction, etc..... but seems that Rupture really hit the nail on the head.

    I ordered some rashguards, affliction style shirts and a pair of shorts and was stunnd when I felt the quality compared to the price that I paid. As soon as my order was complete, I got an email from nick letting me know that my order is packed up and on its way to me.

    Keep up the great work Rupture and I really can not wait to wear your gear this year to the IBJJF NO GI tournaments :)

    Best Regards,


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