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    Quote Originally Posted by NKA 4 life View Post
    fair cop, but you have to allow that someone has just insulted my style and a man that I hold in very high esteem

    BTW for people who say that you need to try it in real life Professor was attacked at an ATM by a man, that man was then put into critical condition care for about 3 months after which the man tried to take out a restraining order against Professor

    My goodness you sound like an idiot. This anecdotal evidence is laughable to say the least. Ever thought the restraining order was applied for because it is your prof that is an ATM bandit, or that he assaulted a guy for something minor like a percieved sleight of looking over his shoulder at the ATM? Ever thought the story smells like so much horse and bull **** that you're surprised you're not at a rodeo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NKA 4 life View Post
    fair cop, but you have to allow that someone has just insulted my style and a man that I hold in very high esteem
    No actually I don't. I don't get mad because people insult my former style. That is a cop out. You want to defend your style do it intelligently. If it was a PERSONAL ATTACK ON YOU yes, I would give leeway.

    Every art from crappy TKD to BJJ and MMA are insulted. If you are going to get upset because, "your art" has been insulted you need to stay of the internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake View Post
    If you read properly you'd know how ignorant you sound.

    Here try again:

    He was promoted to 8th Dan in Judo because of "years of service."

    When you understand that issue get back to me.
    Kancho Bill graded Professor Steve Miranda to 8th Dan black belt in Judo and Jujitsu for his years of service, knowledge and dedication.

    Its funny how you missed knowledge and dedication, "you idot" that hides behind his computer, you make statements on people you don't even know. That shows me yes you are simple and have no brains, go and train and stop playing games you wanker. Years of service, dedication and knowledge is how all should be graded. I do MMA and know that...Grow up:qleft6:
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    Quote marks are not for decoration, Jack.

    What color is your MMA belt?
    It seems to me that the Sanjuriu Martial Art is not in guestion, but, rather the character of Mr. Galt.

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    Miranda Kai

    Miranda Kai may have been a style that had some validity once but sadly it has become another pyramid style money making sham. Sadly the 'Professor's' influence is a bit like homeopathy. That means that the style has been diluted by 'Sensei's' with little skill and experience, this is compounded by no focus on physical fitness or standards.
    Grading's for seniors students are without scrutiny of skills and attention once again to physical strength, fitness, stamina or discipline is not a consideration.
    The main focus is that you have paid your dues and fitted out in Miranda Kai merchandise.
    The Miranda Kai machine is all to keen for you to open your own 'Dojo' when you grade for your 'blackbelt' once again diluting any real potency of the style to people who have been graded/trained prematurely by try hard instructors.
    Of course there are individuals who are the exception like all organisations but generally Miranda Kai is impotent and is a modern day black belt factory.
    Of course if you want to 'be a black belt' and hang out with a mutual appreciation society that promotes/decorates each other with the enthusiasm of a African Military Regime go for it.
    However if you want to have a sense of pride and achievement in your martial arts journey and actually gain skills/fitness rather than learning well rehearsed choreography and being another Miranda Kai cash cow. I would recommend looking into some other options that actually has standards and are about martial arts rather than self promotion.

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