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    Trio Martial Arts Academy

    Trio Martial Arts teaches the art of San Budo, an art that I founded and combines Tae Kwon Do, Kempo Jiu Jitsu, and Karate. Before founding this art, I earned a black belt in all 3 of these arts as well as trained in Shaolin Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
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    So you've decided to promote your own school. Welcome to the site Hanshi Bret Gordon.

    Well according to the ratings guide, which is conveniently stickied at the top of each sub-forum, you've listed yourself as a top grappling and striking school. People will want to know what exact rank and how long you've been training all that grappling stuff. Since I'm not too well versed in that area I'll just point out something I noticed immediately.

    Under Atmosphere/Attitude: you've given yourself a three. According to the guidelines the below may describe your school.


    1-5: Everyone's a douchebag/tough guy/pansy to corresponding degrees and/or drama.
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    I actually didnt read the descriptions when I rated it. I passed it over and just logged in numbers in order to get the forum up. Thank you for pointing out this error, and thank you for welcoming me to this forum.

    As for my qualifications in grappling, I've studied with Gregg Thompson, a student of Marcio Simas, as well as Grandmaster Arnaldo Lugo. All of these lessons have been informal, however, so no official belt ranks were used.

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    Wlecome to Bullshido.

    Everything I saw on your website as far as pictures and videos looks like a tradtional TKD school. You may want to consider adding some grappling content.

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    Welcome to bullshido. We have a different criteria for rating as seen in these FAQ:
    Thsi shows you how to rate grappling instruction and sparring:

    RATINGS: How Do Aliveness.....does your school look like this? - No BS Martial Arts

    This will show you how to rate your school accordingly:

    Ratings and You --- Read This Before Posting Your Review. - No BS Martial Arts

    Looking at your website, you do not rate a nine in grappling, striking, nor weapons according to bullshido criteria.

    This is based on your school videos.

    Now, please adjust your ratings accordingly.
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    Ok I have adjusted the ratings based on bullshido requirements. Those should be sufficent. As for videos for grappling/weapons, those haven't been uploaded yet but are coming soon.

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    Hanshi Bret Gordon. This is Chad, the instructor who promoted you to shodan about 2 years ago. Its amazing that a vietnamese man will give you a 4th degree in whatever style you created. By the way, you lied in the article for the Daily Commercial. Show me where you earned a yodan in Goju. YOU NEVER DID. Not by any legit authority anyway.

    Did you tell everyone here you bought your rank from World Black Belt Bureau? Google it. I believe 16 years old is a world record for attaining a Hanshi title. They are what you call Bullshido.

    Did you tell everyone that you were requesting me to test you for nidan after just a year as a shodan. If you have to ask for rank, you aren't ready. Oh I forgot, you can go buy it now. I hope everyone visits your website and sees that you will promote even a 10 year old to shodan. Because "you don't play around with junior and regular black belts. Either you are a black belt or you are not". So a 10 year old can be a full shodan.

    Don't forget to mention that you only took about 4 of our Gracie Barra BJJ classes and that was once a week at the time. Your grappling skills must have come from osmosis. By the way, I have contacts with Arnaldo Lugo and he has no idea who you are.

    Did you tell everyone that your sister was a second kyu when I fired you. Six months later she is a shodan. How old is she now? 11? 12? She sure learned quick. You must have phenominal teaching skills. Oh wait, that was one of several reasons I let you go.

    My instructor was a sparring partner with Joe Lewis (you maybe too young to know who the first professional heavyweight karate champion was) He earned his rank with blood sweat and tears. It took me over 20 years of training to earn my 4th degree. Here you go and buy it on the internet. What a shame.

    Since you are going to be teaching in the aerobics room at the gym 200 yards from me, you are more than welcome to come by and give me your thoughts on the questions I have just asked.
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    I want to thank you for commenting on my school. I found it interesting that you said it was Chad and not Sensei Chad, because no honorable sensei would try and bash another school. I wish you would have called me directly, since my number hasn’t changed, so I could have set you straight before you looked foolish with all of your erroneous comments.

    First, my 4th Degree in the Daily Commercial was a typo. It was supposed to say four black belts in four different arts. We did not have a chance to proof the article before it went into print, so we had to live with it.

    Second, as for my grappling skills, you have no idea how and who I’ve trained with. Perhaps you’d like to see my Regional Grappling Champion medal from a recent tournament.

    Third, as for my teaching skills, you must have thought enough of them or you wouldn’t have paid me for them at 14 and 15. The reason you fired me was mostly philosophical differences between you and my father if you want to be honest about it. But if honesty was a trait that you were going for, you would’ve checked your facts before writing this message.

    Fourth, I don’t believe in Junior Black Belts considering that you're regarded as such ANYWAY until you're 15 years old. There shouldn’t be a separate belt rank for it. Look at any Korean art and you'll see my same philosophy. They're full Cho Dans and Ee Dans at 7 and 8.

    The real issue, in your mind is your last paragraph. It is an aerobics room 200 yards away but now that we took it over it has become a dojo. Isn’t your location a trailer or warehouse? Wherever the teacher is, that’s where the dojo is and as a martial artist for over 20 years, you should know that.

    I do want to thank you for all of your comments. Just by acknowledging us, you have validated our school and me as an instructor. You have an established school, why are you so threatened by a 16 year old in an aerobics room?

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    Bret, All I am going to say is that your ambition to seek advancement through WBBB is a joke. Hell, there are links on this site exposing them. All you want is some certificate showing your high achievement. So for a small fee, you pay some vietnamese man to rank you. You can boast about WBBB all you want, the general public has no idea what the WBBB is. Those of us in the martial arts know all about them. They are a paper mill. That is my issue. If you are so concerned with joining an association, do some research and join a legitimate one. Joe Lewis has a great one. He is one of the most legitimate master instructors you will find. You will need to go through a "real test" to earn your rank with him. Not just pay him money.

    My point is cut your contact with WBBB and do some research. Here is a link on this site about the World Black Belt Bureau.

    The title Hanshi is reserved for very knowledgable instructors. Just because you have a black belt in 3 arts, doesn't mean you are a master of one. You are a student of 3 and that is all.

    You stated earlier: "First, my 4th Degree in the Daily Commercial was a typo. It was supposed to say four black belts in four different arts. We did not have a chance to proof the article before it went into print, so we had to live with it."

    Well, that is a lie. In the article it states you accepted the 4th degree promotion. It was NOT A TYPO. If the following quote is a typo: "Bret has earned four different fourth degree black belts, the first in Tae Kwan Do, the next in Kempo, then Goju and finally as of June, one in San Budo, his own Nationally recognized style of Karate which combines the three."

    Then what do you say about this quote: "Bret accepted the promotion and now incorporates San Budo in his teaching."

    These statements were from the article in the Daily Commercial. The second can't be a typo.
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    The first quote you posted WAS a typo, it was supposed to quote me as saying that I have earned "four different black belts" and not four different 4th degree black belts. So in fact, unfortunately, it was a typo. I do not claim anywhere in print or on our website to have four 4th degree black belts.

    And in regards to the second quote, I did accept the promotion in terms of displaying the certificate within my own dojo as the creator of San Budo as recognized by the International Association of Martial Arts Founders.

    Thank you for your input and your concern. I wish you and your school success as I hope you wish me and my school.

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