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    no idea


    Hey Peedee Shaolin, hows things going?

    I liked your article on Latourette's speed hitting stuff, yeah he's up there alright with ashida etc. it would be good if you could write some more indepth style of review (vs surface level / "layman" level review), where you could verify, cross reference and gather opinions and objective, measurable PROOF and EVIDENCE of these types of "snake oil salesmen".

    Maybe the bulshido fund can allocate funds to purchasing some of these materials (videos, books, etc) for comprehensive testing and validating, then you could put some nice little excerpts from the tapes in MPEG format for download.

    FOr instance, utilise the format of "martial arts video reviews" (cant find the site anymore) measuring variables such as : style, content, amount of knowledge shown, practicality, student level (beginner/intermediate/advanced) but reverse the crtieria

    something like :

    Bullshido level 1-10
    uselessness of material 1-10
    Pathetic-ness of teacher/instructor 1-10
    waste-of-$ level 1-10
    plagiarism level 1-10

    KInd of like what you are doing but a lot more research and testing, validating etc behind it, it would really make a interesting read for anyone browsing this site.

    MAybe even start contacting these people, (after buying ther shitful products) and getting some writen responses (or recorded phone calls) to pre-set questions,- NOW that would really top it off well.

    Phone call "hello is that MR Latourette?"
    Dr Latourette "yes"
    "Hi ive just purchased your speed hitting tapes , and to be quite frank with you, I think they suck , Ive really wasted my money here, and Im kind of wondering how you can justify selling this material to the general public , especially the "bottom feeders" these tapes are designed to defend against, after all half of your customers are most likely these 'parasitic bottom feeders' who want to learn how to speed-hit/slice thier next mugging victim or rival gang member"
    Dr Latourette "excuse me but I really dont have the time or inclination to..." (this is where you want to "secure" a definite conversation with either the person themself or a representative, using "money back guarantees" "friendly helpful staff" or "answer all your questions" claims you can to do so)

    It would be really cool to read about the scam, then the product, then the purchase, then the phone call / request for refund and whatever other colorful situations arise during.

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    damn good idea, that would be great

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    Very good idea man! I've only called 1 guy since writing some of this stuff. I hve to put something like that together, thanks!
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    I just read the Speedman article.

    Funny stuff!

    I've seen that guys ads. I wonder how much money he actually makes.
    He's been around for a while now, but even when I was younger, knew less than nothing about martial arts, I still saw his ads and would crack up laughing.
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    Where can I find the speedman article?


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