As a newbie I've been prompted to provide a review of my training dojo, in the style I study of Judo.

Overall, the ratings I've given the school, have been well thought out, so take them for what they're worth as I've read the rating system carefully.

We have about 8 to 10 people training in the beginner classes, and from what I've seen, about the same in the advanced classes although I could be wrong...

I've trained at several places in WA, Australia, and this is my favourite place of all to train, great atmosphere, great instructor, and the Judo I learn here is both very efficient and effective, and a lot of fun. Furthermore we do a great deal of groundwork, infact upto 40% of some nights are spent doing ground fighting.

The best things you can take home as a fighter training here: great throws, great ground game, excellent cardio and fitness, lots of fun.

Any questions about my opinions on training here, feel free to shoot them my way, I'm only new at the dojo (almost 12 months) though so any serious questions best emailed to the instructor.

Hope you enjoyed the review. :occasion1