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    Berger MMA & The Arnold Boxing Gym

    Berger MMA is now in The Arnold Boxing Gym.

    Berger MMA is hands down one of the best MMA schools in STL. Ran by 3x UFC vet Steve "The Red Nose Pitbull" Berger. Who has NEVER been submitted in his entire pro career!

    Aliveness: Every class whether it hurts you or not is full of aliveness and top notch fighters!

    Equipment: Gym has 5 heavy bags, speed bag, double end bag, 20 or so wave master kick, all the MMA equipement you need to spar, thai pads/shields, focus mits, grappling mats, 2 treadmills, and finally free weights.

    Gym Size: You don't have to worry it is plenty big enough

    Instructor/Student Ratio: Is great! Classes are ran by Steve Berger when he can not make it they are ran by fellow pro fighter Dustin Severs. Plus you have plenty MMA fighters by plenty I mean over 15 guys and girls who fight in the cage! Trust me you have nothing to worry about on not getting the training you need to fight.

    Atmosphere/Attitued: 100% what you need! Even when I feel like quiting someone always seems to pick you up!

    Striking: We have beyond our traininers mentioned above: Hall of Famer Kevin Bozzada (former IFK champ) and Reggie White who trained with the '88 & '92 Olympic boxing teams.

    Grappling: Seriously? Steve has NEVER been submitted....You are getting top of the line grappling instruction!

    NO Weapons

    Check out Berger MMA at www.myspace.com/stevebergermma

    The Boxing Gym

    Kids Classes: They are now offering Karate for kids!

    Check out The Arnold Boxing Gym at www.myspace.com/thearnoldboxinggym

    I can honestly say I am proud to train here and would train NO WHERE ELSE!

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    I have trained everywhere and this is the best in all of missouri! I drive 2 hours to get there every day.


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