Personal defense rights advocate Oleg Volk, noted for his high quality photography of firearms, had forum members AnnaTrocity and KidSpatula model over the weekend for him.

Many of you are aware that, from an editorial perspective, we firmly believe that knowledge of and respect for firearms is a fundemental component of any Self Defense strategy, along with situational awareness, an assertive demeanor, and an actively applied dose of common sense.

One of the ways we support these assertions is by featuring firearms as the primary subject of our Self Defense Forum. Because physical skill can only offset so much physical size, environmental factors, multiple attackers/threats, a firearm in the hands of a well-trained individual levels the playing field for anyone; be they a champion kickboxer, or a 95lb. woman with no conventional "Martial Arts" background.

You can view the pictures on Oleg's forum The High Road here:

Our discussion of this in The Armory Forum:

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