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    Is fighting karte still in print?

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    If you are looking for an alternative to the hard to find "sabaki method" by Joko Ninomiya (its out of print. I hear that they are on their way to release a new book, but may reprint the old one aswell website bookstore), you might want to take a look at "Perfect karate" by Shigeru Oyama. Both covers very similar things (kyokushin knockdown flavor fighting with a bit more grab allowed, with some very knockdown-rule prohibited headpunching included), although Shigerus book dont focus on sabaki quite as much it do go into it thouroughly. Shigeru Oyama´s style world oyama karate has recently released a 4 volume technique book serie, called "Karate Kyoten" to replace "perfect karate",
    It is supposed to both start more basic and go more into sabaki details, than "perfect" did. basically being a expanded version of it. But I have not read them myself, so I cant promise anything.

    "Fighting karate" and it creatively named sequel "More fighting karate" by Hideyuki Ashihara has been mentioned (he was the teacher to Ninomiya and sempai to Shigeru Oyama while they all still did kyokushin), but they are long out of print, hard to find, and expensive.
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