Hi all

First post - figured Bullshido was the best place to ask...

I used to do MA as a youth but then gave it up when I went to college and wish I hadn't. Started again very recently and loving it.

I'm looking for seminars, training classes that are on over Xmas as my own school closes for the holiday.

I could just go to the gymn and work out (and believe me I need to do that as well!!) but would be nice to do some actual training as well.

Not too precious about what I learn - as long as its reasonably alive - and will travel for long seminars but prefer midlands for short classes.

Also whilst I'm keen and will try hard, I'm pretty fat and unfit at the moment so will be limited in what I can cope with.

really appreciate any pointers you can give - and look forward to being able to contribute properly to this forum one day!

many thanks