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    Fighthouse, NYC

    I recently spent a week training at this facility when they hosted Jim Wagner's RBSD seminar.

    To start, this place is, hands down, the best, coolest training facility that I've ever been in. It is around 8,000 square feet, and is separated into 6-8 different areas for training. There is a Muay Thai ring, plenty of heavy bags, lots of pads, gloves, mats, wooden dummies, BOBs....really anything and everything that you'd need from a training facility. The only thing that they don't have is an MMA cage.

    During my training with the Jim Wagner program, we took up the main, central space and were there training for 9 hours every day from 8 - 5. During that time, we'd watch all of the other arts come in and train.

    At one point, we were in the center space working RBSD. Next to us on the mat areas was a no gi BJJ class. Next to them was an Aikido class. Behind us, in the MT ring was an MT class, and then full contact sparring as the MT guys were getting ready for a big fight. Then, on the other side was a WuShu Kung Fu class that, although not very practical, was absolutely beautiful to watch. These guys were doing flips and turns and crazy acrobatics and sick forms that were just awesome.

    Then, there was a whole other room where they had free space where boxers were hitting the bags, and a group of Capoeira practitioners playing their music and doing their dance / form thing.....

    And all of this was going on in the same facility AT THE SAME TIME!!

    During the time that I spent there, I took private classes with the MT coach, who is a VERY good teacher. I also took private BJJ lessons from a guy who is a student of Jean Jaques Machado and Marcelo Garcia and who teaches slick no gi BJJ for MMA. He also offers a 2.5 hour BJJ class for 20 dollars on's the cheapest BJJ in NYC....and the class was just tremendous.

    What was apparent to me right off the bat was that everyone there, from the TMA Kung Fu guys to the MMA and MT guys respects each other and respects the others' arts. As eomone myself who believes that every style has something that it can learn from every other style and who loves all of the martial arts from TMA to RBSD, to see the mutual respect and cooperation of all of these styles sharing the space and sharing ideas and teachings was just an incredible experience.

    The lady who owns the place was funny. She's this old Chinese woman who speaks with the classic chinese accent. When I mentiond to her what I just said in the previous paragraph she goes:

    "Oh, I make sure all instructor good harmony. I say, 'You no harmony, you GO!' "

    From what I was told, it's around 120 dollars per month to train in any 1 style, and then an extra 20 or 25 per month to pick up any additional styles....and it's open in so far as what you want to do.

    I gave a 10 to aliveness because, although you will see TMAs taught there where the aliveness is maybe 2 or 3, my RBSD class was full on, full out, full speed and power training for mnay of the techniques, the randoori for the BJJ was full force, and the MT fighters who were getting ready to fight were full on fight training. So, it's a place where the level of aliveness you want depends upon what you personally are comforatble with and want to train in.....from full contact, no pads MT and BJJ to no contact forms based Kung Fu. They've got the entire range available.

    I would have given equipment a 10 but for lack of an MMA cage AND the fact that the place seemed a little bit dusty and dirty. Certianly NOT any sort of a "yuck" factor, but not spotless either.

    Gym size I gave a 9 only because a 10 is like the 10k sq ft AKA facility, which is larger. However, there are few gyms this big that I've seen.

    Inst / Student ratio I gave a 10 because even the big classes were not huge and the teachers are arlways available and privates and semi privates are always available as well. My BJJ class had 6 people in it, so it was practically like getting a 2.5 hour private for twenty bucks.

    Atmosphere / Attitude got a 10 because of what I previously discussed. Enough said. I never met a single person there with a bad attitude or disrespectful demeanor towards anyone else.

    Striking instruction I gave an 8 just because I consider 9 and 10 to be world class pro MMA caliber such as Mark DelaGrotte for MT, etc. The instructors I met and trained with were excellent and were training state and regional champion level MT and MMA fighters. So, they get an 8 because they're awesome, but not "world class"

    Grappling instruction gets a 7 for several reasons. First, no wrestling....only BJJ. Second, only no-gi BJJ for MMA. So, they lost points because of lack of variety. The guy who teaches is a brown belt under JJ MAchado and a purple belt under Marcelo Garcia and is VERY knowledgable and extremely open minded and creative in his approach. He's a great teacher with a ton of good ideas and a 16-1 semi-pro MMA record (Pro MMA is still illegal in NY). So, despite the fact that he's a great teacher and an awesome guy, they lose points bedause he's not a formal Black Belt.

    I gave weapons instruction a 10 because I saw weaons training in Knives, swords, staves. Additonally, we did a lot of very good knife and gun training with the RBSD program that I was there with, and we used Airsoft guns for all of our gun training, which were great for feeback and hurt like hell (no padding). So, I gave it a 10 because you've got the entire range from RB, full on marking knife and arisoft gun training to traditional Aikido staff and Kung Fu sword training.

    All in all, I am going to be going back to this gym to train maybe once a month (it's a 7 hour drive from my house) to take classes with the BJJ and MT teachers. Additionally, I'm planning on bringing the BJJ guy up to my school to do a seminar.

    My experience with this gym has just been stellar, and I would highly reccommend it to anyone.

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    i would like to add a few points, seeing as i am very familiar with fight house.

    i think reviewing the space as a whole would lead to some misconceptions about some of the programs within. in terms of aliveness and realistic training, the classes there run the gambit from the worst of the worst (a guy teaches klingon martial arts there!) to the best (muay thai, bjj, etc.) we have all the nyc throwdowns there, and we have seen some really bad classes in progress. really bad.

    although they do have a lot of equipment, much of it is in really poor shape at this point. because so many people share the space, no one seems to pay attention to the cleanliness of the mats or other stuff. after we had a ringworm incident, i brought my own bleach solution to clean the mats before a throwdown.

    since it's a low-cost place to teach at, a lot of quality programs have gotten their start there, but because of the other issues, they usually move on to their own spaces after a year or so. that might mean that the class you enjoy now, may be relocated to another space which may not be as convenient for you.

    don't get me wrong, i love fight house and consider peggy (the woman who runs it) a friend, but i feel that any review should cover these points, and i think that individual reviews of the programs there would serve prospective students better than a general review.
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    I just started taking Muay Thai there and paid 3 months in advance for like 140 a month. Usually they charge something like 70 as an initial fee.

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    I have been training at The Fight House for over a year with Muay Thai. I had not skills going into this class. The people have been real cool, and now am feel pretty confident about my technique. I dont go to this gym because of the equitment or the space. Its the people and instructors that make it what it is.


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