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    Yeah, you can take out the plug. Not only that, you can usually buy a tube extender for pump shotguns so you can throw in two extra shells.

    Unfortunately, you won't find an extension for your Charles Daly. It is manufactured in Turkey. Imported shotguns can't hold more than five shells. That is why if you buy an extension, you will find that the threads don't match up to the threads on your shotgun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Skeletor
    That looks like one of those Charles Daley "Field Tactical" 12-gauges. They're not bad---considering when they were popular, they were selling for right around $145.00.
    I've still got one and it works great to this day. Not a bad "zombie" 12 gauge, Sir.
    I certainly recommend removing the plug. Don't be THAT guy who leaves it in.
    Youn are spot on with the make and manufacturer. I paid $210 for it. I got it because I was buying another rifle at the time, I always wanted a shotgun, and if you buy more than one at the same time you only have to pay the background check fee once. I wasn't sure about the brand, but I firgured it's cheap enough that in the unleikely event that it turned out to be a peice of ****, I could write it off as a range-only weapon and get a more robust model at a later time. Good to know it comes with some kind of recomendation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hapkido_keith
    Thanks for the info. The shotgun is intended for home defence and extra firepower in the event of a possible zombie apocolypse. I don't know about local laws here off the top of my head, but I can't imagine California having less restricive gun laws than Texas.
    I can...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ags1999
    You will not experience any mechanical problems from removing the plug. However, there may be a legal issue. Are you using this for hunting? In Texas, it is illegal for your shotgun to hold more than 3 shells total. Removing the magazine "plug" will get you in pretty big trouble. I would check the laws in your area. The plug can be removed from pretty much any shotgun to hold 2 additional shells in the magazine.
    According the the TWPD Web site, the magazine restriction on shotguns only applies when hunting migratory game birds. AFAIK, this restriction is based on Federal law and applies to all states. I'll ask a friend of mine at TPWD for clarification, but I'm pretty sure that if your hunting wild hogs or the like, that you can use a shotgun with any magazine capacity you like. Woe unto thee, I would suspect, if you have an obvious fowling piece loaded with bird shot and the magazine plub removed.
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    ...Well **** if that isn't the most anti-Mr. Miyagi **** I have heard in ages.

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