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    Uh...I'm not sure what "lawyer" you talked to, but that information is completely, 100%, incorrect. Just because something is placed on the internet does not suddenly mean that it is "fair game" for someone to take and use beyond the scope of copyright law.

    For the record (and as I've mentioned in other threads) yes I'm a lawyer, and in fact one who specializes in IP/IT/E-commerce issues often including the theft/misuse of copyrighted material on the internet. So, trust me, whoever told you that knows absolutely nothing about American copyright law. If you are serious about pursuing this issue, talk to somebody who actually knows something and isn't just talking out of their ass.

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    bugger off. We have a Commonwealth of VA Stalking protective order against you so finding your posts on every forum I post on is more than annoying. No, I will not friend you on facebook, yes you need meds., no you will not be on my never used myspace page, yes you are a sicko. Finding out that you hacked into my computer, posted things on my behalf behind my back, broke into my home when I was in Italy, etc. says it all. It's creeps like you that make forums like this a complete hack job.

    To everyone on Bullshido: my apologies, I do not use this forum (haven't since 2008 and this thread was started by me, but after talking to one of the bullshido owners on the phone about my query into the copyright/book thing I stopped posting on Bullshido all together) and request from the Bullshido owner to note this. Many of these posts under my screen name "simo" were not made by me. A copy of the Stalking Protective Order can be privately emailed to you should you wish. My email address has been updated as of 10-13-10.

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