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False dichotomy. The answer is "both".
No it's not. You can either get it by birth, or by earning it.

After having already gotten it, you might act in a manner which would earn you citizenship if you hadn't already gotten it, but it's not required.

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Not quite the shitstorm I meant to start; our gubbermint suddenly trying to hire a LOT of greencard labor, in a hurry, for quite skilled/important tasks?

I see that as a disaster in the making.
Are you trying to imply that green card labour is automatically unskilled? That non american dcotors would be unskilled doctors?

That non americans would be less capable of handling "important" tasks?

Yes, doing it in a hurry is a problem, but it doesn't matter where the person is from, it matters if they've got the qualifications.

It's not like they're going to head down the the mexican border and hire the first 1000 people they see.