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    Yerba Mate... Any experiences?

    Hello all,

    Been taking Yerba Mate instead of green tea lately. Really like it a lot. The caffeine content is somewhere between coffee and tea. Just enough but not too much to make you sick. Makes me feel pretty alert and focused without being jittery. It is also supposed to have a large amount of B vitamins and antioxidents.

    Any other people try this South American brew?


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    I love it. I used to have it all the time, but it's pretty expensive to buy by the bottle all the time, so I am steeping my own Oolong right now.

    But, I'm a big fan of Yerba Mate and still get it like 4 times a week.

    Great tasting stuff.

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    i hate yerba mate. they give you that poopoo in bolivia when you have an upset tummy. i used to run away from my grandma when she would try to force me to drink that nonsense. i dont understand why people like it so much. it's freaking terrible. it seemed to have become the "in" thing a few years back with white yuppies. mad props if you can stomach that stuff and actually like it. i can't even sniff it without wanting to hurl.


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