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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    It's stuff like this that makes me almost consider the requirement for people to attend gun safety classes before owning firearms.


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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    He's the poster child against that point of view. They made car insurance mandatory, and the guy makes millions, and did I mention that they made it a crime to drive without insurance?

    He did it anyway. Because people who don't obey laws don't obey laws. Period.

    If they made gun safety classes mandatory in New York, he wouldn't go to them any more than he registered his guns or left them at home in accordance with NYC laws.

    If he did, by some miracle, happen to stumble into the safety class, he'd ignore what they taught and shove a Glock into his sweatpants because that's the kind of moron he is. He wasn't carrying it as a weapon, he was carrying it as a status symbol and a magical protective amulet. He doesn't know what to do with a weapon and does not care to know.
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