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    I usually eat cottage cheese on plain pasta - with sour cream and fried (small-chopped) onion. The kids also love the cottage cheese+pasta+sugar version.

    Here's a great recipe for a fast and delicious traditional food around here - farmer's cheese balls (shut up about how that sounds, perverts!):

    250 grams of cottage/farmers cheese (don't use non-fat versions and, as others have said before: experiment with brands to find the right one)
    50 grams of fine semolina (grits?)
    1 whole egg
    a pinch of salt
    (powder sugar 1 teaspoon or tablespoon, depending on your diet/preferences)

    Mix all the stuff in a bowl while you put a huge cooker full of water to boil. Wet your hand, form small balls from the mixture, carefully drop them in the boiling water. When they swim to the surface - which is pretty fast - they're ready.

    Take out with a dipper on a plate with butter.

    Sprinkle with sugar/cocoa if you like.
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    Cottage cheese mixed with sour cream is pretty good. You can try chopping in some dill for added flavour.

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    I made the cottage cheese pancakes that were listed on the website that was posted.


    I had to scale the ingredients down because I didn't have 1 cup of cottage cheese when I made them.

    2 Eggs
    1/2 cup Cottage Cheese (I get the highest fat stuff I can find I think its 4%)
    1/2 Banana
    1/2 cup Oatmeal
    A couple pinches of cinnamon

    I have to say it tasted quite good, I can't really say that I tasted any cottage cheese though (note that I have never tasted it on it's own, only cooked in omellettes). It cooked much thicker than my usual pancakes do, and was quicker to brown but I don't think they were burned. I think the cinnamon was a great touch, I could really taste it in each bite. I'd say these are great for on the go, they are tasty enough to not need any topping (I topped with peanut butter, only because I am addicted and use any excuse I can to eat it) and make a great portable meal/snack on the go.

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    Large curd with salt and coarse ground black pepper.

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