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    Cream of Wheat Pancakes.

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    Strawberries and splenda. Frozen and then thawed strawberries work best because they are nice and juicy so the juice masks the unpleasant side of the cottage cheese flavor.

    Before I leave for work I'll throw a cup of frozen strawberries is with a cup of cottage cheese, and by the time I get to work the strawberries are thawed enough to be juicy but still frozen enough so that I can cut them into little bits with a spoon. If they thaw completely they don't cut easily. When I eat them at home I'll nuke the berries for thirty seconds or so and then throw in the cheese.

    Try it. It has a sweet dessert type flavor that makes you feel like you are getting away with something.

    Obviously sugar would work instead of splenda, but I try to keep the carbs down.

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    Eat the full fat stuff. It's good. 2% isn't bad either, but fat free is pretty gross.
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    Wear something tasteful that accentuates your more attractive parts.
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    One of the best things you can do is drain the cottage cheese before you eat it. The curd tastes fine, but the slimy stuff it floats in I could do without. Just dollop some in to a strainer, spread it out a bit with a spoon, and leave it in your sink for about 5 minutes. Makes it much more appetizing. Just don't be tempted to rush the process and rinse with water - it washes all the flavour away.

    Once you've drained the cottage cheese, try mixing in a bit of Ceasar or Ranch dressing or any other salad dressing you like. You don't need much to get a good flavour, and if you use a yogurt-based dressing like the Bolthouse ones, the fat content is reasonable.

    Also, if you are going to try the mandarin orange thing, toss a few almonds in there too. Much tastier, and a good protien breakfast.

    If worse comes to worse, puree the stuff in a food processor and make dip. Dump a tub into your blender and add a packet of dry veggie soup mix or french onion soup mix, then leave in the fridge to blend for a few hours. Tasty with veggies.

    Good luck!

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    If you have time, puree it in a blender to take the chunks out(thats the gross part), you can add whatever fruit, or honey, or whatever sweetener you want at that point. Savory, you can go w/ chopped fresh tomato, onion(jalapeno), lime juice and salt and pepper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearf*cker
    I actually kinda like Cottage Cheese. I little sea salt and black pepper and it's all good.
    This usually on a slice of toasted whole grain, with chicken or turkey

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    I usually just add fresh fruits. My personal favorite is strawberries or clementines.

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    Add jam or jelly. Mixes in great and covers up any nasty taste. I like Polaner, just need a bit to mix throughout the cottage cheese.

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    cottage cheese + peanut butter + maltodrexin + blue berries + a bit of splenda + blender == awesomeness.
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