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    New to Martial Arts, new to Maryland

    Hi all. I've just moved to Gaithersburg, MD, started up a new, real job and all and well, while I haven't done martial arts since I was kid, like 15-20 years ago, I'd really like to get back into it. I've lurked around this forum for quite a while and it seems like there's quite a few members based out of the area so I was wondering if anyone had any school recommendations? I'm not realy sure what sort of school I'm looking for, about all I can say is that I realllly don't like BJJ, not because I think it's a bad style or anything, just all the fanboyism about it puts a really bad taste in my mouth (sorry fanboys, it's just my personality). But I would like a school that's very "alive" and has a strong emphasis on both self-defense and some sort of competitiveness would be fun.
    So far, the schools in the area I've found that look interesting are: Martial Arts Koncepts, a JKD school (though I've seen JKD schools get absolutely hammered here),
    Evolve Academy (MMA),
    Infinite Fighting Concepts (MMA, boxing, Judo, Krav Maga - seems the best choice, perhaps?),
    U.S. Martial Arts (Lei Tai - seems like Chinese-based MMA) and
    Phoenix Karate (Kyokushin Karate).

    I'm planning to start making some calls and checking the schools out come Monday but I was hoping that perhaps some members could either provide me some inside knowledge into any of those schools or perhaps some school I've missed. I'm really open to any school or any style.

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    Welcome to Bullshido.

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    I've been doing kickboxing at Stroga in Adams Morgan, and they seem pretty legit. The old instructor was definitely alive, not sure how the new one is going to be yet.


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