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    if ever in the denver co area-please check out ufc middle-weight nate marquardts place-they teach very slick bjj combined with wrestling and

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    I'd like to thank the St Louis Traing Circle for letting me train with them
    9-21-09 & 9-23-09. Had a blast. Sup D-wayne and Cody!!
    I was in town from Ohio for a training cousre for Treadmills at True Fitness for the week. I needed a place to roll and box to stay in shape for an upcoming non-sanctioned kick boxing match at my gyms monthly grappling tournament. My original plan was to bounce around and try the local flavor, lucky for me I went to St. Louis Training Circle the 1st night I was in town.
    I currently train in a well rounded MMA gym outta Lancaster, Ohio. (Lancaster Academy of Mixed Martial Arts) Although I'm not an active cage fighter, I train with them. Our guys fight with NAAFS, ICFA, & UVC. Check out our page on myspace. Anyways, the circle was a needed change of pace for me. The format was excellent and enjoyed all 3 hours. The boxing warmup was actually good. Great for defence and cardio. most of the guys there were good boxers and pushed me during our sparring rounds. While others gave both guys instruction during the action. The trainer left it up to the fighters on how hard they wanted to go. Everyone including myself agreed on how hard we were gonna go before any and all rounds. It went from boxing to kick boxing. No one got murdered, but we did push each other during rounds.
    Next came the ground instruction. Running drills is what I am used to, thats what these guys did. They picked a few moves a night to work on and ran us through them untill we felt good with the new move. Dwayne and Cody do an excellt job with the instruction. I learned a new variation on the triangle choke. Thanks a lot for that.
    Last came some open rolling. Although I was never submitted in my 2 trips there, I did roll with 2 of their guys and was challenged the whole time. These guys know their ground and are clean and technical.
    I'd have to say overall, these guys have it going on. I felt right at home from day one, hell the instructor drove me to my hotel both nights after training from the East Side to the west side to the Sheridan on Westport Plaza. WOW. I see them only getting better and having their own place in the future. They use what they have well and have the right ideas. Although they are not a "state of the art" place, they are teaching the right stuff and should be applauded for what they are doing.
    I'm proud to be a part of the circle.
    I have to call bullshido on [COLOR=#cccccc]Nolan Lovan[/COLO"]No BS MMA and Martial Arts - View Profile: Nolan [email protected]@[email protected]@View Profile: Nolan Lovan</title>@@[email protected]@Nolan Lovan
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