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    Illinois. Yay.
    I've been there a couple times now for jits, I've watched a bit of there kickboxing but I cant get there in time to participate.
    Aliveness- Gets a 7 because as far as I know theres no sparring with strikes or anything, but there's open mat for jiu jitsu.

    Equipment- 6. Theres plenty of equipment for the gym, but could be better. Theres no weights or anything, could use some more bags to work kicks.

    Gym Size- 6. It's a fairly small place. There's plenty of room for the class size, it's not cramped, but it's fairly small.

    Instructor/Student Ratio- 7. Classes aren't big enough to need more instructors there, so the ratio is fine.

    Atmosphere- 10. This is one of the reasons I really love this place. It's laid back, not incredibly competitive, but really focused on learning.

    Striking- The striking instructions good, I don't know Chris's background in striking at all, but he's not world class or anything. Solid instruction though. Lots of pad work. No sparring as far as I can tell, but he's said he had some guys fight out of there so they must have gotten some sparring in.

    Grappling- This is the main focus of the gym, and the instructions great. Chris is a brown belt under Charuto Verissimo. He really knows what he's doing. Not the best instructor I've ever seen, but definitely quality.

    Weapon- They might do weapons in the kids class, I saw some fake weapons there. There's no focus on weapons training there though. Which in my opinion is a good thing.

    I really like this gym, and recomend it to anyone wanting to learn some grappling.

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    FYI, Chris received his black belt from Charuto this past weekend.

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    Old thread but a short while back tried that place out for a bit despite the bad reviews from those in the local bjj community because it was 15 mins from my new house. So I did some research to figure out what the deal with the place was since it reps nova uniao.

    In regards to the gym, very nice and clean, it's actually awesome looking. Training partners are all very nice and have great attitudes and ethics. The coaching and training is where the wheels fall of the wagon. The coach spends a good part of his class always talking about himself and his bjj 'journey' and name dropping who he's trained with to give himself credibility. Probably spent 15 mins each class talking about it, lol. Thought he wasted too much time on it. They also focus on slow rolling and you arent allowed to really roll hard. He actually said he kicks people out if they roll too hard.

    Next, he only rolls with students if they take a private class with him. What? I've train at many schools including other nova uniao schools and never seen a black belt instructor not roll with his students unless during a paid private class. A bit odd. One of the reasons to take a class with a black belt is to roll with them. I've rolled with 70 year old bb coaches and they never shy'd away from a roll.

    But I can say his techniques are sounds, so that's a good thing. All functional stuff. But his belt promotions are more based on loyalty than ability as I rolled with his brown and purple belt and felt they were at least a bet lower than most academies. But I've seen that at other academies too so no biggie.

    I found out that the coach has only competed in one real bjj competition, hasn't really trained with other high level BB'S on a regular basis and is a bb under churruto despite only meeting him a few dozen times. Asking around with the other nova uniao bb and other bb in the area, he's not highly ranked among his peers. Also found out that he's kicked out over a dozen former students that are now at other local school doing very well. Although my experience was ok, some former students i spoke with had not so fun experiences.

    Overall, being nova uniao I expected nova uniao level of instruction and training, but you won't get that there. The place is good for those that want a more pedestrian bjj place to train. But not a place to train if you want to compete or have your belt hold up against other gyms. I think it's a great place to train for kids or those just starting out and don't want to get smashed as a beginner.

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