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Its an old story, but still pretty funny.

You know, hearing about people dumbassing themselves like this reminds me of the two sides of my personality. There's the compassionate side that likes the idea of helmet laws, safety caps, trigger locks, and other sensible ways to keep people safe from their own stupidity. Then there's the attritionist in me that says "screw 'em!" Allowing stupid people to cause catastrophic harm to themselves is how we thin the herd and keep it healthy.
The "thin the herd"-phrase reminded me of darwinawards, so I did a search there on "martial arts". Two stories popped up: one related to parkeur, and this little gem: http://darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin1994-13.html - a rather impressionable student of kung fu being told by his teacher that he could now kill wild animals with his bare hands, then deciding to test it out at the lion's cage in Melbourne Zoo...