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    I attended the BJJ class run by head instructor Nolan Dutcher. He is a brown belt under Justin Garcia of the Jungle Gym. There are other instructors as well.


    Classes are 7 days a week, multiple times a day (morning as well as back-to-back evening classes). Price structure is complex; it varies by the # of classes, whether you sign up month-to-month (most expensive), 3-month-lump-sum (less), or 1-year automatic billing (cheapest). Women and kids are cheaper. Family discounts and private lessons are offered.

    They have several heavy bags (including teardrop), a cage, sufficient mat space, 2 showers, and a professional front entrance with pro shop...and a couch with a copy of Mastering the Rubber Guard.

    I watched the Muay Thai class scheduled before the (gi) BJJ class. There was no sparring in the 30 minutes I watched, but drilling and instruction seemed to be of good quality, as well as both friendly and helpful. I specifically saw the instructor (J.J.) encourage people while improving their technique drastically in just a few moments; I was very impressed with that.

    The BJJ (gi) class that I attended started with rolling, which was billed as a warmup. I rolled with a 3-week white belt, then while eying some tougher partners, the instructor grabbed me to roll. More rolling commenced. The instructor then showed the class some techniques (sweeps to a fundamental sub each time) and gave ample time to drill. People drilled with progressive resistance that ended in (unspoken) positional sparring. We then rolled for about an hour and class petered out. Apparently most guys are more comfortable no-gi than gi, FWIW, but there are multiple classes of each.

    People were friendly, helpful, and inquisitive. There were two blues and several whites of varying stripes. Everyone was eager to learn, roll and drill.

    Remember, this is one class that I watched, and one class that I attended, so YMMV. I've since been to multiple BJJ (gi and no-gi) classes, and it was much the same. There's only 1 gi day (2 classes, morn and eve) a week.

    I also am doing the MT program, which is excellent. There is a boxing coach, and 2 kickboxing instructors. The classes are largely drills (always with footwork and aliveness), ending in a round of hard conditioning, then once or twice a week, sparring.

    MMA classes are a few times a week, and include takedowns, ground and pound, and MMA sparring for those who have been around.
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