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    slap boxing has a lot of things it does:

    a) It establishes dominance quickly. Slapping can sound absolutely spectacularly violent and not be a big deal at all... Furthermore you can look really fucked up after being slapped hard and be fine... So it is very visual, very loud...hence the dominance is established.

    b) It teaches speed. To slapfight you have to be a little more relaxed than when hands are closed. Somoene who has slap fought for a while can relax into a good jab etc. RElaxation is important to god fighting skill

    c) It is a way of controlling contact during a sparring session and people were slap fighting way before any martial arts gear was invented to allow people to punch and kick... the exception to this is "mufflers" or what we call boxing gloves today.

    Now if you are smart, and a fighter you can build on this street tradition to no end! First slap fighting can help with Ju Jutsu strikes... using the side of the hand for Atemi Waza and concussivs slaps that lead to seizure and grabbing technique.

    We also know that probably upwards of 70 percent of striked are open handed in one fashion or another in most arts unless they are fist fighting arts.

    So naturally people seized this tradition and used it for training. It is great because it desensatises people to getting plowed hard and it exposes kids to a ladder of playfighting that can be upped when ready.

    Finally it has been my experience that slap fighting really does not build many bad habits ultimately. If anytthing it makes people realize some contact realize how to relax into a hit, etc.

    Having said all that I will also say that sap fighitng is ultimately one approach to learning and not the same as hitting with martial arts or boxing exaactitude... it is a way to build up to it and this includes the martial applications for the slap. Its nice to hear some people speak of this art without having to disparage it btw. I grew up in a neighborhood with guys who practiced approaches like this art and they were great fighters and generally not to be fucked with.

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    Dora, no offense, but I think you are misusing the term "proficient."
    Mushi mo atsui hodo

    Originally Posted by chuey
    ...Well **** if that isn't the most anti-Mr. Miyagi **** I have heard in ages.

    Two wrongs don't make a right, but
    Three rights make a left.

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    Plus misusing the term "efficient", since you're stating a ridgehand is more "efficient" than a slap, but then admit your ridgehand lacks K.O. potential and takes much more practice to gain any power with + not **** up your hand versus a strike that uses the same hip mechanics as a boxer's hook (plus a snap of the wrist) and has serious ktfo potential with almost no chance of hurting your hand. That's pretty much the exact opposite of the word "efficient".

    Oh snap, look what I found:

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