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    Quote Originally Posted by c4t5
    Thank you, I am happy that you don't judge...
    I judge you undeserving of any happiness whatsoever.

    Now I'm happy.

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    From the point of view of my mom being almost a complete pacfist when it comes to physical application of violence, and my dad having an anger problem when I was younger, I can say I have had a pretty fucked up childhood when it comes to the school/bullying aspect.

    Only in that I would fight back or what have you and feel bad about it afterwards. It is not their fault however it was because being so young, like many have already posted, I didnt understand when each approach was appropriate. I would mostly get it when i totaly pwned someone, like my senior year in highschool I had a wrestling tournament and ended up against another schools heavy weight and totally owned his ass hard with a head and arm hip toss, like over my body, and knocked the air out of him. I felt horrible.

    I also think the events of my childhood lead to my extreme anger management problem, and over aggresiveness when it comes to confrontation.

    I can say that if your kid is having self esteem issues, you should definantly look into their schools wrestling program. When I was in my second year of ninth grade, I decided that wrestling was what I wanted. It kept me from dropping out, I lost a lot of fat, went from 360 to 215 in about 6 months or so, and taught me more about dedication than my years of tae kwon do before that. The TKD after though was awesome, I found a place in my sophomore year of highschool that liked to do a lot of sparring and actual drills and trained some ground fighting.

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    I feel that this banned commercial is totally relevant and pertinent to this thread:

    YouTube - Sony PSP commercial Banned


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