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    GIJoe6186 MMA Fights

    I'm the pasty white kid with the sexy body that looks strikingly similar to Bullshido member LI GUY 1. Here my two MMA fights so far, both fought under New Jerseys USKBA Amateur rules. My next fight is 12/7/08 and is full Vale Tudo rules minus groin shots. You can see LI GUY 1 in the corner. Enjoy.

    This is my first fight in September of 2007. Read the description to understand why it was stopped mid-fight.
    YouTube - 1st AM MMA Fight

    This is my 2nd fight on September 13th, 2008.
    YouTube - Bike-N-Brawl MMA

    3rd Fight, Vale Tudo rules (yes, real Vale Tudo, be jealous!) You don't get to see the end but the fight goes to a draw. Also, the fight was filmed in 4 parts and they are a bit out of order.
    YouTube - joes fun in the bronx
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    GIJoe6186 like boys, mainly his brother supporting member
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    You dance like a fag, and you wear my shorts.

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    Not enough posts in this thread.

    Love the head kick KO with shin-guards on.
    "Boxing is the art of hitting an opponent from the furthest distance away, exposing the least amount of your body while getting into position to punch with maximum leverage and not getting hit."
    Kenny Weldon


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