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    Santa Cruz has a really nice campus...

    I might end up there if I don't get into anywhere else...

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    Yeah, that's the main reason I want to go there. It's beautiful. Also, I'd like to live somewhat close to SF and Berkeley, but not too close. Santa Cruz seems about right. Too bad I'm not into drugs. Are there lots of good looking ladies there? I hope so. My sister's friend goes to Davis. She hates it there.
    You want some birth control? You can smoke a cigarette.

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    1,290 for UC santa cruz, has pretty much everything else 2

    You would not beleive some of the weed-related stories I've heard about that school...

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    My Dad told me that when he was selling university sportswear, he called on the UCSC bookstore, and he said it was like "Stepping back into the 60s"

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