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    wang zhi peng is one of the best sifus/practitioners of wing chun iv come across. hes no bigger than 5'5 but scary as hell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KorElement View Post
    I touched hands with Master Wang Zhi Peng and it only took a few moments of rolling hands to know that he was the real deal. Mind you, I met another friend of mine Adam who had trained Moy Yat style for 12 years, and I only had 6 years under my belt and Adam was by far much more effective at Wing Chun than me. We rolled, after a bloody nose it was obvious he was better trained. Well, Adam went to one of Master Wang Zhi Peng's classes and also said he was the real deal, then trained with him daily for three months.
    Yes, yes ... real deal, etc. etc.

    Any footage of him sparring? Or is it all just drills and compliant demos?

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    We got an Aiki nut telling how kaj conditioning made him a badass now, we have a chun nut telling us he rolled hands (chi sau) and he was great.

    *shakes head*

    Refer to CP's post please.

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    Digging for sparring videos because I also saw this episode of "Human Weapon". I am always interested whenever History Channel doesn't do its homework well (which is sadly more often than most people realize).

    This is one of the better chi sau videos I've far no sparring vids. Shocked, I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwordSaintSSX View Post
    If you went hunting, you could easily find Wing Chun schools which boast legitimate awards in MMAs and so and so.
    If this were even remotely true Wing Chun wouldn't be fighting these reputation problems.

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    Hello I notice you post this AGES ago.
    but I'm bored so yeah.
    just because there no information on the person doesn't mean he fake.
    now a days you need a qualification from somewhere to do something or to create something but back than nobody needed it? to me the whole "Wing chun community" talks too much about certificate and so on. there many instructors out there with "no certificate" from the Ving tsun association or whatever it call, but nobody has said anything to them? why that? there different type of people (and I'm not speaking in wing chun but I'm speaking in general population) out there that keeps to themselves and not bothered with the mainstream community.
    just keep in mind there many instructors out there that properly more "qualified" than these people that has "certificate".

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