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In my one serious fight I did this too. Except he stepped back so my first punch was all air and it was my second punch that knocked him out of the building. He was out but woke up when he bounced out in the yard. I agree with the three punch combo idea, and that each punch in the combo should stand alone.

WT theory is that everyone has 2 arms so they may block 2 punches, so you want a third one to have that extra. and you should be stepping with punches (or turning) so you have weight behind them. The speed of the "chain" is for blocking or trapping, not really for punching (though there is that whole F=ma equation thing to confuse people).

Chain punching in training is a drill to get your bicep to turn off. You want to stick to enemy limbs with tricep extension and have no interference from the bicep. Sets of 100 punches tend to break the bicep of it's habit of working as an antagonist during tricep extension. Thus, it makes the tricep faster.

Fast chains of punches have other applications too, such as to distract or to escape from traps, but in general you do not attack with a chain. You attack with a series of single punches.
I wouldn't get over fond of using F=MA, K=1/2MV^2 or the like to explain punching power.