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    Quote Originally Posted by Wounded Ronin
    Kyle: at a regular gym near me, there's a female instructor who plays "Living On A Prayer" during a cardio-type boxing class.
    Then heres the game plan have it set on your ipod, walk past when shes playing it, ??, get laid.

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    I Listen to Pantera, Throwdown, Sepultura, Rammstein, Buckcherry (the fast songs) and loads of others I can't remember and I lift more and heavier than if I have something chilled out on.

    Never tried the 80's montage songs, could be good. I used to love the Bloodsport song with 'fight to survive' in the chorus.
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    We put Eye of the Tiger on to our boxing music playlist, thinking it would bug the snot out of our instructor (he posts here as Cannon). Turns out, it's his favorite song. He'll ask me to put it on when he spars, and he does have more energetic rounds when we're blasting the uber-cheesey Survivor tunes.

    The only time we actually got his goat was when I found a version of Eye of the Tiger performed big-band style by Paul Anka (the Rock Swings album). It was worth the $.99 to iTunes for the look on his face!

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    This song gets me SOOOO pumped. Get's Michael Phelps pumped too.

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    Savate (LBF/SD/LC) - BJJ
    Joe Esposito – You're the Best Around
    YouTube - Joe Esposito - You're the Best Around
    John Cafferty - Hearts On Fire
    YouTube - Hearts On Fire
    John Parr – St Elmo’s fire
    Larry Greene - Take It Higher
    YouTube - Over The Top - Take it Higher
    Larry Greene - Through The Fire
    YouTube - Through the Fire (Top Gun)
    MacGyver - Theme
    YouTube - MacGyver
    Moving Pictures - Never
    YouTube - Moving Pictures - Never (With Lyrics)
    Robert Tepper - No Easy Way Out
    YouTube - robert tepper
    Sammy Hagar - The Girl Gets Around

    Sammy Hagar - Winner Takes All
    YouTube - Sammy Hagar - Winner Takes It All
    Stan Bush - Fight To Survive
    YouTube - Bloodsport - Fight to Survive
    Survivor - Burning Heart
    YouTube - Survivor Burning Heart
    Survivor - Eye Of The Tiger
    Kenny Loggins - Footloose
    YouTube - Footloose - Original Music Video
    Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone
    YouTube - Top Gun - Danger Zone (Music Video)
    Kenny Loggins - I'm Free (Heaven Help The Man)
    YouTube - Kenny Loggins - I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)
    Kenny Loggins - Playing With The Boys
    YouTube - kenny loggins - playing with the boys

    If you don't feel like a "Cobra Kai gi wearing, Adriane screaming F14 Tomcat pilote" after training on this playlist, you didn't had a pulse to begin with.
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    I thought everybody trained with 80s martial arts movie montage music?

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    I thought so as well. "no easy way out "definately one of the best to train to.

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    This thread and the people on it scare the hell out of me and confuse my deeply ingrained sense of " Right and Wrong' .
    “I don't mean to sound bitter, cold, or cruel, but I am, so that's how it comes out.”

    Quote Originally Posted by Jean Paula-Satire
    Never believe that the GOP and fellow bigots are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The bigots and Republicans have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past and that besides, they have already won

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    Quote Originally Posted by BENXPX
    I thought everybody trained with 80s martial arts movie montage music?
    That was how I knew my gym was a good one; these are the songs playing in the weight room.

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