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    Quote Originally Posted by Banisher
    No one "mixed martial arts" before Bruce Lee. Watch UFC 1! No one "mixed martial arts" then either. It was a fighting event placing style against style. Guys realized that they better know how to fight in all 4 ranges to survive and excell in the sport. They needed to learn how to fight on the ground as well as on their feet.

    That is when guys started training in MMA which Bruce was saying to do since the 70's. You are right that Chuck incorporated BJJ before JKD. However, Bruce absorbed stuff from Gene Lebelle, Japanese Jujitsu (which is where Jujutsu originated) and wrestling. We were researching the ground game in general way before BJJ even existed.

    JKD guys were very excited about NHB when it first started. Their were litterally NO RULES or weight classes. We were going to be able to fight accordind to how we fight. Eye gouging, head butting, kneeing and kicking to the groin, biting. Then the athletic commision stepped in and wouldn't sanction the events unless rules were enforced making the sport safe. NO HOLDS BARRED is really MANY HOLDS BARRED, don't be decieved.
    Holy ****, I need to hop on into my "way back" machine so that I can get in to the proper ignorant 1995 MMA anti-history mindset to even consider continuing this dialog...wait how long did you say you were "incarcerated" for? you do know this is 2008 don't you? or did you write in Dukakis/Bentsen on the November 4th presidential ballot?

    Quote Originally Posted by Banisher
    Let me give you another example. I was training with one of my BJJ buddies (he was a purple belt at the time) and he got me into an arm bar. Theoretically since he had me in an armbar I should have not been able to do much. However, he didn't have me locked good enough. He thought I was about to tap but I reached in my jacket and grabbed my (unloaded) 32 cal Deringer and jammed it in his groin to prove a point. The fight would have continued in the cage. In the street I would have won.
    So, let me get this straight Sgt. Tackleberry, you get on the mats to train with friends carrying a concealed 32 cal pistol? Really? your options here are 3, choose one:

    1. You're a liar;
    2. You're a douchebag of phenominal proportions, or;
    3. All of the above.

    My vote is 3.

    Quote Originally Posted by Banisher
    One more example. I got into a fight with 2 guys at a gas station because they robbed my buddy. I kicked the little guy like a horse thinking that would put him out. Then I mounted the big'en to get my pound on. The gravel under my knees made it very hard to truely put all my weight on him and mount properly. He started buckin like a bull so my focus was on keeping him down to pound him. His little buddy got up and hit me from behind with the corner of a milk crate. That is "AS [FULL OF ****] AS IT GETS"
    Again, I pick 3 and I fixed that for ya accordingly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Banisher
    Most JKD guys train for the street, they don't compete. I am a little more open minded and am currently training MMA for some local events. However, I will have to fight according to rules and therefore limit myself, but I understand that. I have also posted an invite to have a throwdown at the studio. I have no problem taking a beating for the sake of learning. I like MMA and alot of JKD guys don't do well in it, by I also understand why.
    Whoop, hold on, I have to start up the "way back" machine again.....I'll be there in another 2 decades....please hold your breath and wait for me.

    This thread is now locked to hinder the spread of your outdated idiocy virus.
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