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    i majored in psychology because i wussed out of molecular biology. and i'm still in med school, hahaha.

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    Here's a description from one of the best linguistics programs in the entire world:

    The research conducted by the MIT Linguistics Program strives to develop a general theory that reveals the rules and laws that govern the structure of particular languages, and the general laws and principles governing all natural languages. The core of the program includes most of the traditional subfields of linguistics: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and psycholinguistics, as well as questions concerning the interrelations between linguistics and other disciplines such as philosophy and logic, literary studies, the study of formal languages, acoustics, and computer science.
    Normally, I'd say I was grappling, but I was taking down and mounting people, and JFS has kindly informed us that takedowns and being mounted are neither grappling nor anti grappling, so I'm not sure what the **** I was doing. Maybe schroedinger's sparring, where it's neither grappling nor anti-grappling until somoene observes it and collapses the waveform, and then I RNC a cat to death.----fatherdog

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    I once took a seminar called, "Literary Criticism in a Cultural Context" and it turned out to be (essentially) the epistimology of language. Best damn class I ever took--hands down biggest baddest mind bender over any of my philosophy courses.

    On a complete tangent, I think the best double major combo is philosophy/physics. Sadly, I realized this too late to switch and graduate on time.

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    Great combination, as long as you don't ever want to see the outside of the library.

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    Originally posted by The Wastrel
    Linguistics?! What?!

    By the way, my uncle is some sort of gigantic bigwig with an oil contracter in Indonesia. He's an engineer, but he says the absolute most valuable education he ever received was his minor in English. According to him, that more than anything got him to where he is today.

    Of course, I'm someone who turned away from one of the best English programs in the country because I know what a disgusting political battlefield it is. Totally corrupted by cultural studies and critical theory.

    Rising Phoenix,
    What are you interests in these disciplines?
    Also corrupted by an overly PC climate.

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