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    Samurai Judo Academy

    Classes are every wednesday and friday, 6pm-7pm for beginners and 7pm-8:30pm for advanced but beginners are welcome to stay for the advanced class to learn more than ukemi, rolling and basic throws such as Seio Nage, O goshi, Tai O toshi, O Soto Gara and basic holddowns such as Kesa Gatame, Yoko Shio Gatame.

    The classes are taught under Sensei Ken McKenzie, a black belt who has trained extensively for 20+ years and Sensei Jessica Malone who has also trained for 20+ years and even competed at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Also from time to time volunteer black belt instructors come along to teach such as Ritchie Brown.

    The format for the beginners classes is usually, warmup, stretching, ukemi, rolling, technique learning, fit-ins and then randori followed by more stretching and cooldowns. The format for the advanced class is along the same line but has less emphasis on ukemi and rolling but more on application of throws, ne-waza and randori.

    The Senseis are really friendly and are devoted to helping beginners and more advanced players further their abilities in the art and overall physical condtion.

    The class is full of beginners and advanced players from white belt through to brown belt, (excluding the two black belt Senseis), from five years of age to fifty, who put aside their egos to help one another further their abilities.
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