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    Chai Yai Muay Thai

    My current home away from home in Thailand!!

    This is a much smaller gym than many of the other gyms that cater to foreigners in Bangkok and Phuket. Consequently, you typically get 5 rounds of one on one pad-work, 3 rounds of heavy bag work and some shaddow boxing / technique instruction each session. Sparring/clench-work at the end of class on alternating days typically, depending on who is training and what people want to work on.

    Sessions are twice a day, 6 days a week.

    Explanation of ratings:

    Aliveness: 9 - Regular (3-4 days a week) full contact sparring with minimal equipment

    Equipment: 6- old but functional. 5 heavy bags, 2 uppercut bags, 1 ring, some basic weights and a bench, mirrors and space for shaddow boxing/technique work.

    Gym Size: 6- Small, but adequate for the number of students.

    Instructor / Student Radio: 10 - Private attention from great trainers 2 sessions a day.

    Atmosphere / Attitude: 8 - Small core of "long timers" who live here mixed with random tourists occasionally. Friendly but professional and quiet...

    Striking Instruction: 9 - The gym has trained 4 Lumpinee Stadium Champions (all Thai) and dozens of local Champions (mix of foreigners and Thais)

    Grappling Instruction: N/A - The website needs to be updated. The BJJ teacher left long ago... I'm not sure where students could have rolled when he was here...

    Great club overall. All of the trainers are friendly but challenging. One thing that sets this school apart from many other Thai gyms is that the trainers actually teach you technique, in detail, instead of just smoking you for 3 hours and yelling "MORE POW-AHH MAHNNNNNN!" during padwork. There is plenty of conditioning work, especially in the morning sessions, but it is mixed nicely with quite a bit of very comprehensive technique instruction.
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