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    Auckland, New Zealand - Balmoral Lee Gar Gym

    I have been a member of Balmoral gym for about a year and a half now. Our gym is not as big as some but we have around 8 hanging bags, a ring, and some wallbags as well as changing rooms. The training fee is small and there are lots of payment plans and contracts, or you can pay casually per month or even per lesson.

    Lollo Heimuli is the head coach of both the boxing and and muay thai teams. he has decades of experience and has trained over 50 title holders both at a national and international level, including Ray and his brother Rony Sefo, Jason Suttie, Jayson Vermoa, and Doug Viney. He also coaches the tongan boxing squad for the olympic and commonwealth games.

    The gym is run with a friendly atmosphere. there are no egos and you will never be negatively reinforced. Everyone helps everyone else with their training and you will always be paired with someone who will be able to help you, but also push you to your limits. If you wish to compete in boxing, muay thai, or modified muay thai then Lollo and the other trainers will help you find a fight when you are ready.

    The training is split into two classes, first a beginners class then an advanced class. the beginners class is for technique and fighting strategy, mostly working padwork combinations, as well as evasion and defense. The padwork is "alive" - expect to be hit if you don't keep your guard up, and to have to think on your feet. The second class is for fighters only and covers sparring, sparring drills, and clinch fighting as well as an intense bagwork cardio class on wednesdays.

    The gym is open monday to thursday from 5:30-6:30 (beginners) and 6:30-8:00(advanced) Gear is provided for your first couple of lessons but after that you must bring your own gloves for sanitation reasons.

    Lee Gar isn't just one gym, there are several Lee Gar gyms around Auckland. anyone who trains at one of these is welcome to stop by at another Lee Gar gym to train.
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    It is possible to join Lee gar gym also for women ? thanx


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