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    Product Design Consultation

    Hey Bullies,

    I specialize in design and fabrication of metal and plastic parts.

    This includes contacts world wide for tooling and production/shipping of any ideas you may have.

    Marketing is a possibility, but really, my end is on the technical side.

    I won't charge for an initial consultation and work from sketches on napkins to advamced 3d modeling is OK. I work in SolidWorks and can help you with your design and provide manufacturers for your product.

    Complete drawings from your idea, tooling recommendations, suppliers and shipping of your product can be facilitated.

    References are available from US, Europe and Asia.

    This is ground floor, starting from my home and I don't want to go into debt getting this started. The concept has been around for years and is the result of my time and travels in industry.

    BS is the chance to reach 30k+ people who may have an idea, that idea being benificial to you and me.

    My webpage and first registered office will be Hong Kong origin in the near future. A US registration to be made upon completion of HK registration.

    No trolls need respond.

    PM me if you're interested.

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