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    Questions on Glutamine

    I've been taking Glutamine lately, great stuff. I usually take it Post-workout. But lately I've been hearing that I should be taking it before i sleep as well if i want to boost recovery/slow catabolism even more.
    Another thing i heard is that i should place each serving under my tounge rather than mix it in with my protien shake.

    Anyone care to comment on the best method of delivery and whens the best time to consume glutamine?

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    Who told you this stuff?

    Generally the recommendation is to take it after a workout to replace the glutamine used by the body. I imagine you could also take a dose before bed to further assist in the recovery process, but I wouldn't stop taking it post workout.

    As far as under the tongue, that just seems silly. Mix it in with your protein shake,

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    I've heard under the tongue as well, but I believe its just anecdotal nonsense. It tastes better in a drink.

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    i mix it in water and drink it just after workout and before i take protein.

    i eagerly await el macho who will dispense the r34l knowledge.
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    I've heard both after workout and before bed. Both make sense to me. You body undergos the most recovery immediately after a trauma (working out heavily) and during sleep.

    My attitude is, its so cheap relatively, why not take it both if there is a debate?

    I don't take it now, but I do when I'm lifting both after working out and before bed.

    I have a HUGE issue controlling calorie intact when I squat and deadlift, so I'm doing BJJ, body weight, Kettlebell and sprints until I get my Body Fat down where I want. If I'm not doing squat and deadlifts, the glutamine doesn't really help.

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    I've been taking glutamine for a few months now, after workout and before bed, if i dont take it before bed i generally wake up a bit sorer in the morning, so I would imagine it does quite a bit while you are sleeping.

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    You guys are generally right on the mark...taking at least 3g post workout and before bed will aid in recovery, reduce muscle soreness/fatigue and provide anti-catabolic support. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue, as we age or if we traumatize our bodies we become less efficient at extracting it from protein sources so supplementation is helpful.

    Glutamine has been shown to do the things listed above and also raise gh levels which deals with cellular reproduction/growth which is why muscles recover faster on glutamine and it also scrubs the small intenstinal walls where most of your food is digested and where most of your immune system derives from so its good for alot of stuff.

    OK...nutrition geekazoid will stop now...


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