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    Stavanger MMA Center - Norway

    I noticed no gyms mentioned in Stavanger (or norway for that matter)....

    i have only been involved in MA's since i joined a few months ago. i have been training BJJ no-gi & Grappling under:

    Felipe Mota BB (not sure who under)

    Rio International open 1st ( world champion) 08

    Pan America 1st

    Open class world cup 2007 2nd

    7 times champion city Rio de janeiro

    World cup 2nd

    American gold cup

    Training breaks down as follows: (5 days a week, 2 hours a day)

    20-30min warm up (though sometimes this turns into a beasting).

    20 min technique

    1 hour rolling (maybe another technique or 2 to break this up).

    Felipe is adamant about fighting, doesn't believe in rest or water. you roll from day 1.

    none of the guys have an ego problem, and show you weaknesses in your game. its a very 'team' spirit sorta thing.

    expect to see: sweat, blood & (less often) vomit most days.

    they don't stand on ceremony at all.

    also, they have lots of ice packs and 'patch-me-ups', they want you there every day and so are serious about injuries etc..

    hope that helped, if you have any questions as away.

    P.S the guy who runs the gym (Hansi) mentioned that Vitor Belfort will be comming over end of this year).
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    BJJ, boxing
    Sweet! One of my friends moved to Stavanger a while ago, I've been trying to make him join the MMA center for weeks, but he refuses...

    Maybe you should add to the review that they teach:
    BJJ, Muay Thai, cardo kickboxing, MMA, greco roman wrestling and aikido too?
    Anyway, question time:
    Do the aikido guys spar?
    Are there free classes for people who want to try out the gym? ( My friend invites me over all the time, if I get bored I was thinking maybe taking a no-gi class to check out how other people train....)
    Are there many people in the BJJ lessons? ( Just out of interest)

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    i have never seen the aikido guys in action...but i know they also do aikido weapons.

    you can try out the classes for free (all of them).

    they are cool with (at the moment) doing no gi at every class (along with gi).

    class sizes vary quite a lot, though on average about 12 (roughly half gi half no gi).

    there are a few purples, and about as many blues as whites.

    some of the no-gi guys are pretty handy (wrestlers, MMA etc).


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