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    Greetings, everybody. I'm a seventeen year old (jazz) musician from Los Angeles, with a rekindled old interest for martial arts. I did a little bit of McDojo-type krotty as a young child up to yellow belt, which did help build my confidence, disciple, etc, but didn't really teach my about fighting. Ironically, I quit because I wasn't patient enough to wait for ranks (I want my third stripe!).

    I did some Krav Maga for a while, which I liked, and definitely found more helpful in a real-world situation (I should hope so, at least). I thought the "counter" combos were t3h d34dly (they were just effective choke-counters, etc) and I was pretty serious about it. Unfortunately, the lady we had teaching us, some brown belt, got sick or pregnant or something, and her replacement was another brown who looked totally bored the whole class, much less fun. I was on the cusp of orange belt testing when I gave it up after the guy killed my interest, which was when we started to spar.

    A few years after that, after hearing from a middle-school friend about how Ke?po is t3h d34dly and you get to train WEAPONS, I started that. Never did see any weapons training in the dojo, but I liked that too, very good teachers. Only a couple were above 5-dan (the owner and an older guy who taught us ground fighting. First time rolling with him showed was an eye-opener, I was like play-doh to that skill). I studied that for much longer than the others at Brian Hawkins Kenpo Karate, and got solidly into blue belt before I got too busy with high school.

    In retrospect, I was dismayed to think it was all McDojo-type stuff, since the sparring was light-contact only for randori and then point matches. I now think this was probably because it was a kids' class, albeit older. I did learn to throw a mean punch, and some basic self defense past all the techniques (I liked the names, too. CATCHING THE STORM!), so I can say it wasn't bullshido at least.

    Recently (5 years later?), some freshmen in the guitar class I T.A. for were messing with a binder, one guy holding it and a few taking turns punching it. I took a turn and gave it the old reverse punch, and I automatically used my old training to punch "past" it. I broke the stuff in both covers of the binder, buckling it and causing the guy to drop it, and the punch went through and it him in the stomach.

    Now, with a little more spring in my step, since I apparently learned how to hit stuff, I found this website when trying to study the martial arts community's opinion of Ke?po. With a little reading of the (hilarious) wisdom around here, I've decided to look into some BJJ or Judo and something else to cross-train striking with so I can be t3h d34dly like I was so sure I was in youth.


    EDIT: Just talked to an old friend after seeing his name on the promotion list of the school's website. He says the lead instructor opened up another school in a suburb, and is around less because he teaches at both now. Sounds McDojo-y to me.
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    Welcome to Bullshido, the best Martial Arts forum on the entire Internet, fairleycertain. Seriously, you won't regret your choice to join us. We're a great bunch of folks, except for Hannibal. And Sirc. And TaiGip. And MMA Kid. And... well, you get the point.

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    G'Day Jack and welcome to Bullshido

    I hate to break it to you mate but you still are in your youth. Jeez im almost in my mid 20's and I am still considered a spring chicken but I guess thats all relative.

    Best of luck finding a BJJ or Judo club I hope you can find a place that you can train hard, learn new skills and make new friends. And hopefully you can move away from "t3h d34dly" mentality.
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    Hazing is hazing no matter which way you put it, and it's not cool.

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    *sigh...Mcdojo kinda stuff? Kid you've got a lot to learn. Read a bit more.


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