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    I don't know what I just got.

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    Threads like this are why Bullshido has such distaste for TMA purists. Do you really think that with you can come up with any argument that these people haven't seen many times before?
    There are some members with many YEARS of TKD experience and will still not argue it's effectiveness because this forum specialises on disproving such theories with hard evidence.

    Also the comments on MMA nuthugging is tired and old. I don't even watch MMA, when people talk about Fedor or someone I have no clue what they're on about.

    All I do is Judo, a "TMA" and it's all i'm interested in MA

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    Quote Originally Posted by ralphie
    This from your previous response, where you, a forum leader with control (as you claimed you all maintain), could not hold back from calling me an asshole (when I had not lowered myself to that).
    First of all, the only quote that even remotely insulting was the "pound their chest" comment. Not the other two. Get real.
    Generally, I think people were more insulted by the fact that a person with admittedly negligible martial arts experience decided to come onto a martial arts forum to tell the martial artists that they had misconceptions about martial arts.

    Do you also tell grad students in Quantum Physics that they don't understand mathematics?

    You specifically pointed out TKD in your newbie rules as an acceptable art to make fun of. Had you said this about Aikido instead, I would have quoted that instead. Had you said this about BJJ or Muey Thai, I would probably not have had much of an argument anyway, because more than likely the attitude (I saw) of the forum would have been different.
    This is called "sarcasm." You see, when someone makes a hyperbolic statement in order to masque a point, you are supposed to look for the underlying message-- not to take things literally.

    I can't believe I have to explain the meaning of that "rule."

    When the rule states that you can poke fun at TKD, if you do so from a new angle, you focused on the wrong part of the statement. You saw the sub-phrase "you can make fun of TKD," and completely ignored the qualifier, "if you do so from a new angle." That latter phrase is the more important of the two, for the very reason that people complain about TKD (and practically every other martial art) on these forums quite frequently, and we're all tired of having the same discussion for the millionth time.

    Perhaps, if you'd read a bit before taking offense at the joke, you'd have understood better.

    You know, some people here did a good job of convincing me that my assumption was incorrect and that this website had noble purpose. Instead of dwelling on how well written my posts were, or whether my feelings were hurt and I was ranting, we discussed the purpose of this website.
    Perhaps, if you had read more of the forum before posting, you wouldn't have needed people to inform you of the purpose of this website. Perhaps, also, you would have better understood the general attitude and typical responses of this forum's posters. Given that information, perhaps you could have written an initial post which served the same purpose, but didn't make you sound like a condescending schmuck whining about the exact same things hundreds of other people already have.


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