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    ISO Health is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Standup / Clinch and Reality Based Self Defense gym in Torrensville (Northcote Street, off Henley Beach Road). At the time this article was originally written (October 2008) I had been training there 9 months.

    Some of the sections for rating scales may be slightly innaccurate; the instructor-student ratio, for example; private sessions are available with Matt, which are the way to go if seeking to really work hard on some specifics. However, while there are no real lower-level instructors as such, the more experienced members of the gym are always willing to help work on a specific aspect of your game, whether it be holding pads or drilling mount escapes; the atmosphere is fantastic, and to be honest, I've never known a better bunch of guys.

    In terms of numbers, Matt definitely seems more focused on the quality of training rather than attracting as many members as possible to increase profit. Reading the 6 for gym size may cause you to assume that the gym is a large one; it is actually rather small, but due to the relatively small number of guys training at a given time, space is not an issue. Recently two more rows of mats were added, giving easily sufficient training space for 25 or so people, which is a regular class size.

    As for the striking / clinching training; the system is based on the Crazy Monkey Defence Program, although the gym is no longer associated with that organisation. The 7 I gave for the striking training may also be a bit misleading; when training, choosing your own pace is encouraged during sparring. Generally starting out light, the intensity can be increased with the agreement of both individuals.

    Contact at more than 75% intensity is generally not encouraged; but if both parties are comfortable, definitely available. There is a great emphasis on safety:

    Quote Originally Posted by ISO Website
    It is definitely possible to develop a high level of skill and effectiveness without giving each other a headache or busted nose each training session. There are already plenty of gyms around for those who want to train at knockout levels of impact and thatís great for those who want that, at ISO Health however we are all about taking the functional skills of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and striking and teaching them in a manner that helps the average person develop excellent skills while still being able to go home in one piece and then go to work the next day!
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    Overall, the sentiment at the gym seems to be "Don't hit the other guy harder than you're willing to be hit back."

    In relation to the BJJ training, Matt Jones is a purple belt under Luke Beston.

    In terms of competition results, The ISOHEALTH competition team recently won the Teams Cup at the 2010 AFBJJ SA State Championships, with 25 gold, 16 silver and 9 bronze medals.



    In all aspects of training, Matt emphasises using techniques that work a high percentage of the time, and particularly emphasises using techniques that work well for you as an individual, rather than using a specific technique in a given scenario. He teaches a number of techniques for a given situation, e.g. a headlock escape, and invites you to choose the one that works best for you and work with it.
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