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    Quote Originally Posted by MrBadGuy
    While this may sometimes work, my co-workers associate "wrestling" with WWF stuff. They all think I go out and do wrassling shows when I say I'm doing a tournament.
    That's only because you wear sequined panties and a feather boa to work.

    As do I!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebell
    ithink the main idea is to laugh away or ridicule any form of serious conversation with people from the 'outside'world.
    people you dont know.

    my reply to basically anything is: gay porn.

    you think thats silly but try and use it, its a great unwanted conversation killer.

    exgirlfriend you run into who's being drunk and horny, but she gave you a std: why did it never work between us..?

    you: gay porn.

    annoying snotty guy who's bragging about his fancy new job and asks you sarcastically what you been doing lately.

    you: gay porn.

    the dumbass footballfan who starts a conversation about did you see last nights game?

    you: gayporn.

    you see?
    the possibilities are endless!
    And then you realize that the supposedly straight dude you were talking to is actually into gay porn for the realz, and is busy trying to arrange a hook up with you on the down low. Yeah. That's a fun one.

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