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    Marcus Soares BJJ - Vancouver JiuJitsu

    Marcus Soares is only one of maybe only 20 people in the world that has a red and black black belt. Soares is the highest ranking black belt under Carlson Graice and holds a 7th degree black belt. He is one of the few original jiu-jitsu first generation instructors still active today.

    In Brazil he is referred to as the Encyclopedia of Jiu-jitsu for his extensive knowledge. Marcus has been teaching jiu-jitsu for over 30 years and was the lead instructor at the Calrson Gracie camp in Rio Brazil.

    He has taught and rolled with some of the biggest names in the BJJ like Alan Goes, Andre Pederneiras (who gave BJ Penn,Marc Laimon, Vitor Ribeiro, Marcus Aurelio, Renato Verissimo their Black Belts), Ricardo Liborio (founder of ATT), Carley Gracie, Carlson Gracie Jr., Mario Sperry, Murilo Bustamante, Conan Silveira (ATT owner), Ricardo De La Riva, Rey Diogo, Rocian Gracie, and Wallid Ismail just to name a few.

    Marcus Soares moved to Canada to set up the Carlson Gracie Canada and teaches out of 3 schools in Vancouver Canada. Marcus is one the best and most experienced jiu-jitsu instructors in Canada and North America today.

    I have been with Marcus for over 3 years and this club has one of the hardest warmups and hardest rollers. What I like about this club is that you dont get promoted unless Marcus thinks you get should promoted. Rankings are based on talent not time. You can be a white belt for 3 month to 6 years based on Marcus determination.

    The best part of this club is that after the warm up there is a question and answer period where you get to ask questions. Because Marcus has over 30 years of teching he can answer any grappling question you may have. Marcus will not only give the answer but he will give the defense for that question and the counter to that counter.

    He teaches out of 3 Vancouver jiu-jitsu schools

    #103-20691 Highway 10 (Langley Bypass)
    Phone: 604-530-5657 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting end_of_the_skype_highlighting
    Langley, BC, Canada
    V3A 5E8
    Unit 7-20475 Lougheed Hwy
    Maple Ridge, BC

    Columbia Martial Arts
    7759 Edmonds St
    Burnaby, BC, Canada

    Class structure
    A. 30 minutes warm-up
    B. 45 minutes techniques with Q&A
    C. 45 minutes of sparring time

    Visit the best Vancouver Jiu-jitsu club today www.marcussoares.com
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    Cool stuff. Didn't get a chance to visit when I was in Vancouver. I trained under his student black belt Omar Salvosa. Had a chance to attend a seminar with Marcus Soares here in Toronto, he's a very knowledgeable guy, only now did I know he had been training that long.
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    I know guys who are affiliated to Marcus in South Africa. He shows great technical detail and is a notoriously hard grader. In SA they have very tough warmups and produces good students. Met him once or twice and he's a great humble guy.

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    How crazy is the warm up??

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    I've trained with Marcus. He is clearly a superior technician and runs a hard class. I found him a less than stellar instructor due to the language barrier.

    But he makes good fighters
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    Carlos Rosado

    Carlos is Carlson's highest ranking student; promoted to Red Belt by Carlson himself.
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