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I think getting more girls interested in BJJ is pretty good, and the training environment at NYU BJJ is pretty laid back, so they shouldn't have any problems going to the sunday classes. Hell, I got my neighbor to go to the Sunday practices and she thinks BJJ is fucking amazing. You get a damn good full body exercise (attractive to athletic girls) and everyone gets their ass whooped left and right (myself very much included) in rolling so there aren't any like gender problems/tensions.

As a side note, I wouldn't mind knowing which NYU BJJ members post on Bullshido. I've met you vinh, and I think I mentioned that I'm a bullshido forum member. I'm the annoying asian kid with blue flowery board shorts who gets tapped out a lot.
Hey bro.

Firstly, you're not annoying. Secondly, you're one of the more experienced guys there, right in that sweet spot between Erik, Brandon, me and that bunch and the brand new guys. So we need you.

I really do believe we need as many women in the sport as we can get, just to even **** out and because of my weird view of fairness. Your neighbor is the girl who isn't Caly? She seemed cool, and you should encourage her to keep going.

Erik posts here, I post here, Brandon lurks.