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    I tried it for 2 weeks when i was in france and bored, didn't really get it in that time of course. Not kicking with the shin was too hard for my muscle memory to deal with. One thing i did like though was that they didn't do the 'thai march', in mt we get taught a non-mobile method of fighting just because the judges score it higher.

    Can't comment on there being a bigger emphasis on kick counters or whatever, i was training with the new guys. Felt like a normal kickboxing gym but filled with french guys and a good number of hot french girls. So yeah, it gets a thumbs up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ignatzami
    I was reading this and had a thought.

    We at Bullshido who have been here more then a month or two have a list of "good" styles and "bad" styles. However, I was trying to think up a suitably tongue-in-cheek response for the above thread and I was going to add Savate to my list yet I was wondering would Savate be a "good" or "bad" style?

    They spar, they compete. Yes the style relies on being shod yet most people have some sort of shoe on for the bulk of their day. It's a fast and agile style. Albeit discouraging strikes.

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience and could weigh in on the good/bad debate.

    I'm not looking to train Savate this is strictly an academic curiosity.
    What you say about hand striking is true in assaut,because most you get is two points for strike combination, and normally just one for punch. Head kick gets you four, so itīs no suprise. Our team returned from France, and told things begin to look more like semi-contact matches, where you hop forward firing kicks.

    Combat is, of course, different animal, like videos guys posted show.

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