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    I am going to answer the topic as if the question were directed towards me, specifically. Considering I know some of my own weaknesses and how my thought-process and instincts work, and considering this is my opinion, unless someone brings up something I overlooked, I believe these choices would be fitting for me. I have a few choices I personally think would screw me over.

    1) Kyudo

    - One shot kill, if I can hit my target in the right spot.
    - I can attack long range.
    - The chances of my having a longbow on my person are impossibly low.
    - I also need arrows.
    - In my area, there's too many obstacles.
    - My glasses need to be on to be effective.
    - In a swarm situation, even in ten years, I wouldn't be Legolas fast.
    - In a close-range situation, if I don't switch my tactics, I'd be fucked.
    2) Jukendo

    - One stab, if I hit my opponent in the right spot.
    - Having that gun with a bayonet means having a gun, so I'd have a psychological scare tactic on most people.
    - I would need a rifle on hand. (or use a wooden replica)
    - I would need a bayonet attachment. (and I'd probably have to attach it)
    - Getting a rifle means getting a gun license. (and I'll apply for one)
    - It's using a gun for close range combat. Yay >.>

    3) Iaido

    - One slice at certain spots, effectively stopping an assailant.
    - Having a katana gives me a psychological scare tactic on most people.
    - I would mentally prepare myself with more ease.
    - I would need to carry a katana or a makeshift weapon.
    - I would have a problem with indoor confrontations within my area.
    - I won't receive live sparring.

    4) Freestyle Nunchaku

    - I would have flashy moves to scare a (not-so) average person.
    - Legality issues confuse me in regards to the weapon. In terms of "martial arts" training, I don't know if you can consider freestyle anything a martial art.
    - There would be little, if any, grappling applications.
    - I would have to practice constantly to not hit myself. (freestyle, not traditional)
    - The (slightly no-so) average guy wouldn't be too intimidated unless I were being flashy.
    - Ricochet.

    5) Shurikenjutsu (throwing shuriken)

    - I would be able to use iconic weapons that gives me a psychological scare tactic on the average person.
    - I would have a long range advantage.
    - Makeshift weapons, although ill-advised, would be possible to come up with easier than the previous martial arts' weapons listed.
    - I would need multiple shuriken; I doubt in ten years that I could be precise with my throws.
    - I would need my glasses to be effective.
    - There are too many obstacles in my area.
    - I would most likely fumble around with them.
    - Anywhere I live would need tons of maintenance repairs.

    Yes, those were weapon martial arts, and the realism of having something on hand isn't high. (for me, anyways)

    Here's some martial arts without weapons.

    1) Capoeira

    - Flashy moves to scare the average person.
    - Learning power moves for breakdancing.
    - I would be limited on certain techniques in closed areas, or with obstacles in the way.
    - I would need to be flexible and acrobatic within those ten years.

    2) Dim Mak

    - After announcing what I study, a gullible person would turn tail and run.
    - After being asked what that is and telling them it's the "Touch of Death", a gullible person would turn tail and run.
    - After being laughed at, I would have a short moment for a surprise attack, striking the air.
    - The knowledge from Dim Mak would help if I use it as a supplement. (since the knowledge of pressure points and how to manipulate them have some use)

    3) Dux Ryu (Frank Dux's martial art)

    - I would get a good cardio out of it.
    - I have Bloodsport to back me up for people sucked into reality.
    - I can claim I'm not a Naruto clone! Believe it! Dattebayo!
    - The art.
    - The lack of credibility.
    - Jean Claude Van Damme did Karate, not Dux Ryu.

    4) Tricking/Extreme Martial Arts

    - I would be flashy, and I could make entertaining youtube videos.
    - I would have powermoves for breakdancing.
    - I could apply this to freerunning and parkour.
    - I would confuse the average person.
    - I would lack actual self-defense techniques.
    - It's mostly flash, with some strength and flexibility.
    - It's not really "martial".
    - I would need some open space for some of the techniques.
    - Fighting flashy is only a last-ditch effort if I were insane enough.

    5) Boxing

    - I would have great varied punches.
    - I would have a relatively good guard.
    - I would have sparring experience.
    - When provoked, punching is an option I'll rarely choose.

    My choice was for personal ones, knowing my own habits. I'd love it to death, but unless boxing changed the way I instinctively fight, I think I'd screw myself over, although it would definitely help as a secondary art. This would be the lowest for me out of all of the other martial arts I could choose from, but higher than others not mentioned, armed or otherwise.

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    Learning a martial art will change the way you instinctively fight.

    go box, dude. Don't give up when it gets hard, you'll love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinoyisazn View Post
    I am going to answer the topic as if the question were directed towards me, specifically...
    Wow, for a second I thought I mistyped the web address and somehow entered the realm of your personal blog, pinoyisazn...

    You do have a lot of time on your hands, don't you?

    I got BULLSHIDO ON TV!!!

    "Bruce Lee sucks because I slammed my nuts with nunchucks trying to do that stupid **** back in the day. I still managed to have two kids. I forgive you Bruce.
    " - by Vorpal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonuzaba View Post
    Wow, for a second I thought I mistyped the web address and somehow entered the realm of your personal blog, pinoyisazn...

    You do have a lot of time on your hands, don't you?
    I'm still on my vacation/break/holiday/whatever it is they say in your part of the world, so at the moment, I have a lot of time on my hands. Besides, I wanted to get more in depth with the topic. There's nothing wrong with writing, is there? This is a forum-based site, after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeedeeShaolin View Post
    Wushu sure does suck. I think it must have been created on another planet for its originator to believe it could EVER be applied. Pretty much ANY Kung Fu licks my azz. Aikido would be a close second. Truely a WORTHLESS peice of Shid. Pretty much EVERYTHING up there sucks except for Catch Wrestling and BJJ.
    Actually, the creator of wushu never intended it to be used for fighting. It was created when the government banned the practice of kung fu because they were scared of a rebellion. So the people decided to create a new "martial art" which was intended solely for demonstration. It is kung fu minus the fighting. Also, kung fu can be used for fighting. The problem is that so many people train incorrectly. They fight in low stances and use impractical techniques. Really, any good kung fu fighter would easily be able to win a fight against an average person. Of course against a grappler the kung fu exponent would probably lose, but very few people grapple on the street, and those that are trained should have the morals to avoid fights. Really the benefits of kung fu are not those involving fighting.

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    Well I've been involved in martial arts since 1974 so I've pretty much seen everything come down the pike.

    To break things down in a simple manner I really don't think it's so much the art in a street encounter that will decide who comes out on top but more the person who has the will to come out on top.

    As for limited arts' though I would have to say WTF Taekwondo & believe it or not BJJ. Wtf Taekwondo is 99.9% kicking & a good street fighter will overcome a kicker on the street nine times out of ten.

    As for adding BJJ into the hat well, try living in a big place like Los Angeles as I do. On the street the kind of person that would attack you is not going to come at you alone, he's going to have his friends' along for the ride. BJJ has it's merits & is ok one on one but if your attacked & taken to the ground by more than one person. Chances are it's over for you. Just my opinion, enough said.:qright5:

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    Ninjitsu is useless :/

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    Jujutsu, learning Judo
    Tae Kwon Do or Capoeira
    Too dependent on Kicks.
    Some practitioners are good but for any self-defence or serious fight that is not in a dojo, kicks are not something I would want to rely on

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    You're all wrong. The most useless art is bumarrihsik.
    Paddles are fucking outdated, brah.
    Kama Sutra blue belt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Emevas View Post
    I used to **** guys like you in prison.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Ape View Post
    Dude I kill people for a fucking living.


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    I feel like you eyeballin' me, dawg!
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    Most useless art? Any art taught by a useless instructor by a useless student. I have a tendency of putting TKD at the top of that list even though I continue to study it.
    I feel like you eye-bawlin' me, dawg!

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