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Thread: How do pushup??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_Jude
    hey, he didn't say it was his! Sheesh, way to poke a sore subject....
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    Poke a sore subject? Sounds like a monarch having some fun with the town prostit....


    I'm just gonna go sit in the corner.

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    Ha! The baby is mine, a baby girl (oh boy, I gotta start making booby trapped trenches to fend off the suitors). Baby is growing pretty fast by the size of Mrs. Macho's belly, so that can only be attributed to my portentous, creatine-fueled genetic contribution ;)

    Mrs Macho is doing fine, but incredibly frustrated since she can't deadlift or do push ups, but she still tries to work out. The one-hand wall push ups turned out to be a good substitute.

    Going back to the subject:

    You can actually make one-hand wall push ups really hard by pushing with the hand above the head. It turns it into a quasi-incline-press/quasi-overhead press/quasi-tricep extension thing. In addition to that, the instability recruits the rhomboids, the posterior delts, and a whole bunch of tiny, meaty muscles over and under your shoulder blade, and a bit on the lats and middle traps. That itself makes this a very good exercise to do on a regular basis.

    Another way to make a one-hand push up (either the plain vanilla or the hand above head level) more challenging is to do them on one foot only. Try it and see!
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    Hi all,

    Thanks so much for the incredibly useful tips everyone! I really appreciate it. I'll have her try the wall pushups when we're back in the gym next week.

    oh and congrats Mr. and Mrs. Macho!

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