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    i legitimately end up losing and cutting around 20 lbs for any given tournament over a month. i do this consistently. but i also come from a wrestling background and i am young, these are caveats.

    start living off of protein shakes, pre and post workout. the only carbs you should be eating are breakfast.

    aim for 1500-2100 calories a day. the range is because if you are working out particularly hard, honestly, i eat a lot of salads and chicken too, but the troof of the thing is, i'm getting most of my nutrition from greens + bars and protein shakes.

    yes, this will suck.

    if at 2 weeks out, you're not around 10 lbs from the goal, especially considering you've never cut water before and it's day of weigh ins, you're fucked.

    2 weeks out, you start drinking 2 gallons of water a day and cut anything that even smacks of salt. start taking fiber pills.

    2 days out, you drink nothing and eat nothing, except maybe breakfast if you're within 7.

    night of, hit the sauna.

    you should be about a lb out by now.

    morning of, weigh in. you should be dead on.

    weigh in. shoot some salt so you don't piss everything out when you're re-upping.

    buy pedialyte to get your **** back together. i drink about 3 things of pedialyte. i eat fruit. do a protein shake. no solid food before you compete. no ingestion of anything except pedialyte or gatorade when you're an hour out.

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    You seem to be training enough, and other folks have the diet covered. Here are my two cents:

    Run more, starting now. Six days a week, alternating shorter (2-3 miles) and longer (5-6 miles) distances. Time yourself every day, and always try to beat your previous time.

    I lost 15 lb for a fight this summer using this method, plus eating sensibly and training six days/week. No dehydration was necessary.

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    Man, I'm fighting with this myself. About a month ago I was around 230 or so. Now I'm btw 215-220 depending on what I've eaten that day. My goal is under 200 by Decemberish, when I'm hoping to get my first amateur fight. In the end, I'd like to be around 180 or so, which is rough. My last BMI and bioelectrical impedence had me at something like 165lbs of lean mass, and I'm lifting a lot more since then, so it's gonna be tough to get down that low, but I would really like to do it, since I'm only around 5'7," and I don't really relish fighting heavyweight at that height.

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