So, over the summer I had Igor Kurinnoy out to SF for a SAMBO seminar. Briefly, Igor is arguably the best athelete that the USSR/Russia has produced.
as you can see, he's a champion in SAMBO, International Rules Sumo, and National/European Judo Competitions. He also showed Bill Duff some "spot-on" technique, his gym is the one where they do Basketbrawl as a warmup.

Anyhow, I finally got around to converting the hi-8 tapes to DVD and I am ordering a batch for everyone that went to the seminar. It is completely raw footage, my dad sitting in a chair running a video cam, and then day#2 is just us running the cam sitting on a table, but you're just not going to see anything like this stateside.

We did a series of jacket throws, then the no-gi variants, then day#2 was ground work. Great stuff.

Right now, dupes and shipping should make it about $10-12 each. The more DVD copies I order, the cheaper it gets so if you're interested let me know. I'll go on the honor system for payments eh?